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SoapNet & NBC Promos for the week of July 26th
Jul 24 2010, 11:59 AM
We had a "Who shot EJ" story in 2007. It would feel pointless to have yet another if he survives this one too.
These writers aren't terribly original. They might feel if it worked before it will work again. If he is shot I hope it is Sami that does it.

SoapNet & NBC Promos for the week of July 26th
If EJ is shot maybe it's a "Who shot EJ?" story, kind of like the "Who shot JR?" story on Dallas years ago. They could certainly set up a lot of Salem residents that want EJ dead. If written well (yeah I know) it could be a pretty good mystery.

Lindsay Hartley fired! and Ty Treadway joins cast...
I hate hearing about anyone losing their jobs. That's such a bad thing at any time but especially in this economy. Plus there aren't that many steady jobs in the acting profession anyway.

I would love to see more Hortons return to the show. I was never a Jack and Jennifer fan but I wouldn't mind them coming back, especially if Abby comes back with them. I very much enjoyed the recast Bill so I would like to see him return as well. Maybe we could have a Bill/Laura/Kate triangle. They could recast Jeremy Horton and bring him back, plus there's Sandy Horton. Maybe she had kids that could show up in Salem. Hope has a younger brother Doug Jr. and a cousin Spencer that could both be brought to Salem for the older twenties/early thirties set. As a long time Days fan I would love to see the Hortons re-established as the main family in Salem.

Right now the only thing that has me watching are Bo/Hope and Nicole.