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Thursday, July 31st Daily Discussion
Jul 31 2014, 02:24 PM
Jul 31 2014, 01:41 PM
I hope Abby has more gas in that tank of hers because we all know Sami is just getting started. FYI abby, sami might know nothing about 18 century art or whatever but she's well versed in the scorched earth policy. Abby has just started something she cant finish. There's really nothing anyone can do or say to Sami to make her rethink her position or feel bad about her actions. The only thing that could hurt her is if something happened to her kids. I think Will's article might throw her for a loop but ultimately it will do more damage to him than to Sami. As we all know SGB doesnt stay down for too long.
Nah. Abigail has a ton of gas left in her tank. Remember, she is much younger. Sami's schemes just blow up in her face. Me thinks Abigail really got to her insecurities today.
I know that Abby knows about EJ hiring the hitman. Does she know that Sami was also in on the hitman hiring? I'm enjoying Sami's revenge. And I'm going to enjoy Sami's revenge blowing up in her face.

Some Days markets move Days for Meredith Vieira show starting Sept 8th
Oh for the love of God, another talk show? There's too many fucking talk shows on already. You couldn't pay me to watch even one of them.

Wednesday, July 30th Daily Discussion
I am really hoping that Victor and Kate are conspiring to double-cross Sami and take everything from her. Sami has the right to be upset and angry about the affair, but she's going too far. I want to see everything blow up in her face.

Monday, July 28th Daily Discussion
Daniel really is such an asshole. I'd nominate Kristen for sainthood if she were to off him.
Jennifer is so much more likable away from him.

Spoilers for the week of August 4th
Jul 28 2014, 12:47 PM
Jul 28 2014, 10:04 AM
Thursday August 7:

Jennifer and Eve go head-to-head in court.
I'm gonna make an educated assumption that this day will be the next time we see Hope (& maybe Aiden as well, but who knows. We might see him pop up some time between now & then to go over things with Jen).
This was my thought too. I think this is when Hope returns and shows up at court and Aiden sees her. Hopefully while she was gone she made decisions about what to do about Bo and accepting her feelings for Aiden.

Spoilers for the week of July 28th
I hope we'll at least see a few scenes of Aiden over the next couple of weeks. Maybe with jenn involving the lawsuit. And maybe a few scenes where we can see how down he feels because he misses Hope.

SOD: Sami destroys Abigail
The thing is Sami isn't really hurting Abby. Abby can get another job and probably does have a trust fund. What's awful is Sami threatening the care of children. I don't know how anyone can say Sami is just bluffing. She doesn't give a shit about the wellbeing of innocent children as long as she gets her revenge. That's why Kayla has to give in. She knows that that is exactly the kind of thing that Sami is capable of. The worse Sami gets the more the good people of Salem are probably going to say "No wonder EJ cheated. Look at what he was engaged to."

Social Media Posts, Week of July 21st
Renaissance Girl
Jul 27 2014, 04:38 PM
Jul 27 2014, 02:48 PM
Jul 27 2014, 02:43 PM
Jul 27 2014, 01:45 PM
I don't think Brady and Theresa are done. Kristen's only back for three months or so, so we know he's not going to spend much time in Kristen's orbit. Unless they put him back with Nicole or give him a new love interest, there's really no other woman on the show to pair him with.
There's another girl around Theresa's age who will be back, so she could be another option.
Gag me.They better redeem Theresa.I actually think they look good together in that photograph.Anyone think the new baby might be Theresa's baby?
What makes you think the baby might be Theresa's? The baby has blue eyes and is supposed to be a year old. There is no hint whatsowhatever that Theresa has had a kid yet or will have a kid. I don't see Theresa having a kid within the next year or so at this point, but I can be wrong.
When is this baby supposed to start airing on the show? Has it even been "cast" yet. I can't think of a female character who would have had a baby that is that age now.. Unless it would be Carrie and she is not on now and I don't think she's coming back in the near future.

Maybe Kristen kidnaps a baby?

SOD: Sami destroys Abigail
Yeah I'm thinking that Sami's revenge crusade is going to go too far and someone is going to get hurt. I totally get her anger at Abigail, but the children's wing is for extremely ill/injured children. So if she doesn't get her way then she's willing to risk the health and even the lives of little kids? I hope Will learns about this and includes it in his article he's writing.

Social Media Posts, Week of July 21st
Jul 27 2014, 02:43 PM
Jul 27 2014, 01:45 PM
I don't think Brady and Theresa are done. Kristen's only back for three months or so, so we know he's not going to spend much time in Kristen's orbit. Unless they put him back with Nicole or give him a new love interest, there's really no other woman on the show to pair him with.
There's another girl around Theresa's age who will be back, so she could be another option.
Even after bashing John over the head, Theresa is still a better option than MelaMe.

Spoilers for the week of July 28th
Jul 27 2014, 10:19 AM
Directv Channel Guide Spoilers

Mon 7/28
Kristen returns; Brady's fate is decided; Marlena gets a bad feeling about John; Nicole tells Eric about her decision.

Tue 7/29
Kristen wants answers from Daniel; Eve blackmails Theresa into helping her; Sami enlists Kayla in her mission to destroy Abigail; Will strikes back at his mother.

Wed 7/30
Sami's latest stunt infuriates Abigail; Kate makes a proposal to Victor; Daniel realizes what Kristen is planning for Brady; Eric struggles with his feelings.

Thu 7/31
Abigail and Sami face off; Victor's revelation stuns E.J.; Kristen uses force to get what she wants; Rafe catches Jordan with Clyde.

Fri 8/1
Sami drops a bomb on Jordan; Clyde warns Ben; Eve turns to Maggie for help; Daniel turns the tables on Kristen.
Ugh. As much as I love Eileen Davidson and Kristen I just can't with these spoilers. Of all the characters for her to interact with it has to be Daniel? Hell, out of all the people she could have kidnapped it has to be Daniel? Can Kristen at least kill him before she leaves?

I'm thankful to Kristian for tweeting a picture of Hope and Aiden. At least I know they're still on the show. Judging by the spoilers who knows when we'll ever see either character again. But have no fear we'll get to see lots of DANIEL. :puke:

Friday, July 25th Daily Discussion
I wonder does Paige know her mother was a prostitute? If the lawsuit gets nasty I could see that coming out in court. Really boring today after the last few days. At least it seems the will be movement in the Ericole story

Thursday, July 24th Daily Discussion
Jul 24 2014, 03:06 PM
Jul 24 2014, 03:02 PM
Jul 24 2014, 02:41 PM
I can't recall why I came to this conclusion, but I was expecting to find out that Aiden's wife was killed in a drunk driving accident and up until today I thought he was going to turn out to be the driver. Now I'm not so sure anymore.
Maybe it was a drunken boating accident.
It may not be a proper analogy, but I was getting a Rebecca-ish (as in the novel and movie) vibe from Aiden's story. My guess is that Aiden blames himself somehow for his wife's watery death and that's compounded by the fact he may have disliked or hated her but there's probably more to the story.
I got the exact same vibe! I don't think that Aiden killed his wife but he somehow feels responsible.Knowing now that Whitesell penned the Ben/Meg/Maria story on Sunset Beach I wouldn't be surprised to see Mrs Jennings show up in the future, possibly with a young child that she had while presumed dead/missing

Thursday, July 24th Daily Discussion
Chase: I miss the beach house
Aiden: Well I don't

Yeah something bad happened there. It's got to be where Mrs. Jennings died. Or didn't really die, considering this is Salem and the dead often show up very much alive.

Thursday, July 24th Daily Discussion
"Cupcake baking whore." LOL. I love RevengeSami. I hope she doesn't weaken and take EJ back.

I'm bothered that there aren't any upcoming spoilers mentioning Hope or Aiden. I hope we're not going to go weeks without seeing them.

Thursday, July 24th Daily Discussion
Hope going to NOLA is certainly interesting. I figured she and Ciara would just go to the Horton cabin. Maybe being in the place that was so special to her and Bo makes her realize how bad things have gotten in her marriage and she makes the decision to end things.

Sounds like the beach house might be where Aiden's wife died. If she drowned and the body was never found, I bet she pops up in Salem in the future.

Thursday, July 24th Daily Discussion
Hmmm, I wonder if Chase talks Aiden into going to NOLA. Aiden figures it's a big city and it's very unlikely they will run into Hope and Ciara there. Of course they do.

Wednesday, July 23rd Daily Discussion
Jul 24 2014, 02:06 AM
Jul 23 2014, 08:53 PM
I really hate the way they're using Kayla. They did the same thing to her when they wanted to start JJ and Daniel's grand romance. She talked about how great Daniel was and they used her rape experience to bring together Dannifer. Then they dropped the whole issue. And now they're using her to speed up Haidan and further character assassinate Bo. And I am not here for that.

If they want to incorporate Kayla into the s/l they can do a better job. She's Bo's sister and regardless of her experience with Steve, she should be protective of her brother.
Even more offensive, I think, is this habit of calling every husband half of a couple an abandon-er and then getting the husband's sibling to be the head-nodder for the poor, put-upon spouse. All of this crap with Bo and Hope is just a wash, rinse, repeat of Adrienne encouraging Jennifer to move forward when Jack "abandoned" her in 2010-2011 (right from that cave in Afghanistan, I suppose).

And it's not like Hope was ambiguous about it. IIRC, the exact quote was, "He abandoned us, Kay."

There are a million and one ways to make Bo not being around palatable and still allow Hope to move forward. I wish the writers would pick one instead of trying to convince us that a man who has adored his family for almost 40 years just up and decided he was having more fun playing undercover cop.

The ironic thing is that I don't really even like Bo much. And I ADORE Aiden. I'm just tired of lazy writers trying to convince me that things that I watched in the past simply are not true. It's disrespectful to the history of the show, and it's disrespectful to the viewers who keep it afloat.
I agree the Bo thing could and should have been handled better. I enjoyed Bope a lot in the early years. After Hope "died" I liked Bo with both Carly and Billie. But I was happy that Bo and Hope were reunited. But after Zach died Bope was never the same for me. Whatever they had before just wasn't there anymore. At least for me. Bo going off and playing superspy doesn't seem totally out of character to me. I can believe that Bo and Hope have grown apart and while they will always care for each other they just aren't right for each other anymore. But it's hard for me to believe that Bo would cut off all contact with Ciara. That he would no longer be in touch with his mother who he knows has Alzheimers. It looks now like Hope will divorce Bo. I'm fine with that since I love Haiden together and am ready to see where their story goes. I think we'll probably see Bo again in the next couple of years. I don't know if it will be PR in the role and it may just be short term. But I fully expect to see Bo show up in Salem and see Hope being torn between her old love and her new love.

Wednesday, July 23rd Daily Discussion
Jul 23 2014, 12:52 PM
Jul 23 2014, 12:51 PM
So, it's not that Kayla has feelings for Aiden after all. In a way, that's disappointing, only because I'd love for Kayla's feelings to really be featured for a change, and I like the idea that she'd move forward in her personal life. She liked Aiden when they met, so it made sense she might feel some interest.

But I want her to date, maybe find someone. Why can't they hire a recurring actor who has a crush on her?
I would love for the show to do that too. I love both Hope and Kay have for more than 30 years and both of them deserve happiness with men who will be with them in town.
Too bad they made Liam a psycho. He was an attractive man and a recurring character. He was a drug rep and was always at the hospital. He and Kayla could have dated.

I wasn't expecting Aiden's comments to JJ about marriage. I thought Aiden was mourning a wife he loved very much. Sounds now like the marriage wasn't good. Maybe she drank and is the reason he has such a strong reaction about alcohol. I'm even more curious about her death now.

I love that Hope wants to go on vacation to run away from her feelings for Aiden. Now Ciara is going to turn around and invite Chase and Aiden to join them. I haven't seen any spoilers about the vacation. I hope we get to see it and Haiden develop even further romantically.

Really enjoyed the scenes between Sami and Caroline. Looking forward to a lot more of Sami's revenge.

Wednesday, July 23rd Daily Discussion
So the spoiler was about Kayla realizing Hope has feelings for Aiden. Not sure why SOD wrote it as Hope realizing Kayla has feelings for Aiden.