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SOD: The Awful Truth/Sept 2nd Episode Discussion
Thanks so much for those clips. It feels so good to be excited about Days again. I especially loved the music during the scene where Sami shoots EJ. It was so darn creepy. From the leaked episode and these clips Days definitely has the same feel as in the early nineties when Sheri Anderson and JER were writing. There has to have been some kind of shake-up in the writing at Days. No way did Dena write any of this.

SOD: The Awful Truth/Sept 2nd Episode Discussion
Is there a place to see the episode? I would love to see it for myself, I checked youtube but it's not on there.

SOD: The Awful Truth/Sept 2nd Episode Discussion
Aug 21 2010, 03:51 AM
I want Eric to be Jensen Ackles :(
I loved Jensen as Eric but I don't think there's any chance of him being on Days ever again. He's very successful on Supernatural right now and even when that show ends I think we'll see him on another primetime show or even the movies. I'm just hoping for a good Eric recast.

Shoot, I had to work all night so I missed seeing the Days videos on youtube. They're down now. This episode sounds so exciting and I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a link where I could see the episode. I would love it if we could hear that Sheri Anderson has replaced Dena as the new headwriter. I've watched Days most of my life and I want it to be both good and successful again.

Weekly Discussion: 8/16-8/20
They shouldn't have had any dates on the plaque at Isabella's crypt. They had her date of death as 1992 and since Brady was only a few months old when she died that would make Brady only 18 years old now. Since he is obviously about 30 years old that would mean he was about 12 when she died and would certainly have known her.

The courtroom stuff was good except for Bo's testimony. I didn't like Bo taking the blame for what happened with Hope. I thought it made both Hope and Bo look kind of weak and pathetic. The goodbye scenes were nice though.

Hate the Ejami stuff and it can't be over too soon.

Weekly Discussion: 8/2-8/6
Today's show was excellent, especially the Bo/Hope police station stuff. I was bothered how Bo and Roman wanted to just pin everything on Doc Baker and let Hope off the hook. Yes Baker was an accomplice but Hope is the main guilty person here and to her credit she wanted to confess and take her punishment. Of course I've always thought that the Salem PD is so incompetent that they make the Keystone Cops look like the FBI.

I hated Nicole for groveling after Brady. When he was calling her a whore I wanted her to slap him silly or kick him in the balls. Both AZ and EM really did great in those scenes but I hope this is the end of Bricole. Let Brady and Arianna leave town together and let Nicole pair back up with EJ or a recast Eric.

The whole Chloe/Daniel/Carly/Melanie thing is so repetitive now that it's getting silly. I might not mind this story if it would actually move. Oh well, maybe when the amnio results come back in something will finally happen.

I loved the scenes with Julie/Doug/Caroline/Ciera. It's so rare to see emotional beats played out on this show anymore that these scenes were a nice surprise. I hope we get some good scenes with Julie/Doug/Hope when Doug and Julie learn the truth about Hope's crimes.

It so was so cool to see Eileen Barnett as the nun at the hospital. I remember her as Stephanie Woodruff alias Brooke Hamilton during the seventies on Days. She was one of Days all time great villainess's. Truly one of those characters that you love to hate. Too bad we didn't get a scene between her and Susan Seaforth Hayes considering the ugly history between Stephanie/Brooke and Julie.