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Soaps In Depth: Days Articles
I don't know if Quinn will work as a character when they bring him back or not. But reforming former bad guys isn't exactly new for Days. I remember that Patch Johnson was a criminal when he first joined the show. But with the right writing he actually became a heroic character. Look how many people love Jack. He raped the show's main heroine and did a fair share of other bad deeds. A lot of people love EJ and his crimes are as numerous as there are sands on the beach. Maybe Quinn will work out or maybe he won't, but I'm willing to give the writers a chance to see what they come up with for the character.

SOD: Fall Preview!
Shane and Kim were far and away my favorite supercouple though I also love Bo and Hope. Based on spoilers I'm kind of intrigued by John and Marlena's upcoming story. I don't give a rat's ass about Jack and Jennifer and they're usually fast-forward material for me. As much as I love Shane and Kim though I have no desire to see them return. They were finally reunited and I just feel that their story has been told.

Examiner Interview with Galen Gering
I actually find this very interesting. Obviously there is more to the story. Either John is being set up or he really has "stolen" from these pensions but the reason was to actually protect from some other threat. (Stealing from people's pensions sure sounds like the kind of thing that Stefano or EJ would do.) I really would like to see Days get back to more realistic stories instead of the crazy over the top stories of the past. Unlike a lot of people here I wasn't a fan of stories like Aremid and Cruise of Deception.

I can hardly make myself watch Days right now it's so awful. I want to start loving Days again so I hope these new writers do a great job.