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DC interview with Blake Berris (Nick Fallon)
I'm very glad Nick is back (I so wish Chelsea was back as well since I loved Chick together.) I don't know about a Nick/Gabi pairing but I'm willing to see what kind of chemistry the actors have.

I'm happy to see Days putting an effort into rebuilding it's younger generation, Too many good, young characters have been let go over the years.

Friday, August 24th Daily Discussion
How is what Nick did that much different than what Hope did? Nick committed crimes and went to prison while under the influence of pills he was taking. Hope committed crimes and went to prison while under the influence of pills she was taking. Yes it's true that Nick killed someone, but even then he thought he was protecting Melanie. Hope didn't actually kill anyone but it wasn't for lack of trying. She did try and burn Bo alive. I don't see much of a difference.

Nick hasn't done half the evil things that Stefano, EJ, and Sami have done. It's crazy to have Nick be considered some kind of monster when you have those three walking free and clear around Salem.

Spoilers for the Week of August 27th
I keep seeing people say that Tomsell were the writers before MarDar, but I don't believe that's true.. As I recall it was Dena Higley who was the HW and Whitesell the Co-HW. Tomlin was Exec. Producer. I don't think Tomlin has been HW in over thirty years. Yes, I know he had a lot of influence, but I still believe it was Higley who made the show so horrible during her tenure. Since I want Days to survive I'm going to hope that Tomsell plus Lorraine Broderick will turn things around.

Spoilers for the Week of August 27th
Except for the Melanie crap I don't find these spoilers so bad. In fact I love seeing Nick back again. I agree that you can't keep constantly changing headwriters, and without Higley in the mix I'm hoping that the combination of Tomsell and Lorraine Broderick will make Days good again. The returns of Nick, Kristen, Eric, and Chloe are certainly a good start. Higley and MarDar were completely unwatchable.