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Latest Ratings: DAYS Up! Y&R down!
Most online fans new it was J&M's last show and I, for one, didn't watch last week. I catch J&M scenes on youtube so I don't have to FF through the rest of the show. The "general fans" probably didn't have a clue it was J&M's last show. In any event, I"m glad the ratings went up a bit. I remember when Bope's big weeklong event last summer got a 1.9 for the week and often the newbies have pulled in similar ratings. I guess what I'm trying to say is why does it have to be the vets vs newbies? It seems to me what we need is good stories that make sense whether it be vets or newbies playing them out. I can't think of one good story on the show right now.

Days actor fired from the show
^^^Geez, how many times has he been fired? No wonder he wasn't happy with his last scenes. They must have made him act out of character.

SOD and SOW: Hope Shoots Kayla!
The whole premise that Bope's conflict stems from him not telling her about his "visions" is ludicrous.

Nelson Ratings — MAJOR DAYS RANT
Jan 28 2009, 06:34 AM
Jan 28 2009, 12:30 AM
Wow. :shame:

That is sad. I got the feeling TPTB didn't care.....their voices have been loud and clear. I guess my feelings for them are a reflection of what I felt when I watched the show this year post February. Nothing.

The only reason I hung around was because of my feelings for the characters of John and Marlena and Deidre and Drake. When I watched last Friday, I watched them (D&D) saying good-bye to each other and that moved me. The feelings that were not scripted. I have no words for the actual show that day. :x

I completely agree with you on all counts Hops.

What frustrates and amazes me is despite the frantically paced story, all the other garish moments from the other stories set up to overshadow J&M's exit, their last moments in the most unromantic setting possible, and paralyzing John from the neck down so we can't even get full J&M hugs or touches, nothing could stop the magic of John and Marlena. I've always said they say so much to each other with a look. If nothing else, this proved it. I can only imagine how much a good exit story would have rocked, or how much a good story for them period would have been. Actually, we had a great story this year waiting to be told, just no one with even the smidgen of talent needed to tell it.
ITA and I hope Nelson or some other soap writer has an answer for the obvious, blatant and intentional slap in the face to Drake, Deidre, J&M and their fans. The writers are either completely incompetent or had a specific agenda!

Michael Fairman Article J&M's departure
Jan 26 2009, 10:30 PM
Thanks Jules. It was nice that he shared a personal insight into his feelings.

I couldn't agree more with his take on the final 'day' and his closing paragraph. I have felt the same way. There just don't seem to be words for how I feel about the whole thing.
That's what I like the best. It was nice to hear from someone who knows D&D.

Michael Fairman Article J&M's departure

*So, that was it? That was the final scenes and last episode of Deidre Hall
and Drake Hogestyn on yesterday's episode of "DAYS"? That was John and
Marlena's "riding off into the sunset" moment? Long-time fans of John and
Marlena, many of whom I have met over the years with my connection with the
show, were handed (what the producers must think was an appropriate
send-off!) a neat, tidy, wrapped up story with probably less than 20 minutes
of airtime, stuck in between the shows main story "A" of Nicole/Sami/EJ, and
the "B" story of Daniel/Chloe/Kate/Lucas.

In the end, John's central nervous system is compromised from whatever was
inside the syringe administered by nutty psychiatrist Charlotte (Sandra
Ferguson, or whatever name she is going by these days) who wanted revenge on
Marlena. Why? I still cannot completely understand her motives. Somehow all
of John's memories, which had begun to re-emerge over the last few weeks,
finally have come back in full while lying in the hospital bed. He remembers
his "Doc". We are then treated to a mini (and I, mean "mini") retro package
of old John and Marlena scenes, but nothing of any emotional substance.
Enter Kayla, who trots into John's hospital room to tell Marlena that he
needs to go to Switzerland, to a special clinic there ASAP, if there is any
hope of regaining his central nervous system, because, at this point,…. drum
roll please, John is paralyzed. He cannot feel his hands, leg or move. Then,
Marlena tells John his medical situation, he tells her to leave, to walk
away. She of course, will never leave his side, and informs him they must
leave for Switzerland tonight to save his life. There were a few characters
peripherally around too. Brady sees his dad with full memory. Roman is
hanging around, why I don't know. But the best, is Stefano limping into
University Hospital to salute John and say goodbye, and John er, Drake lifts
his "signature" eyebrow in recognition . Then, John asks Marlena to marry
him, right now in the hospital. So, Marlena gets a wedding together in 10
minutes! Father Francis just happens to have nothing to do, of course. So he
shows up and announces them husband and wife. They kiss. Fade to black.
Outta here. Fired!

I want to let the "On-Air On-Soaps" fans know that for many years, almost
20, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn and I have known each other, and had such
a comfortable working relationship that really was more than that. So seeing
the beloved duo being given this kind of farewell was hard to watch. There
is not a nicer guy then Drake. When Drake went through his neck fusion
several years ago, and I was about to go through the same in 2006, he gave
me advice, and called me. He always asked me 'post-op' how I was doing. To
this day, when we connect with each other, we always share rehabilitation
'war stories' with each other. Who else could I do that with? Throughout the
years, Drake had dedicated himself 110% to his job and his family. It was
painful for me to watch over the last few years how many times "DAYS"
dropped the ball with the John Black story…killing him off, bringing him
back, paralyzing him now, and sending him off..

As for Deidre Hall, we have shared a few private phone conversations over
the years, and I have enjoyed talking with her. She is gracious, a true
professional and an icon of the soap genre. When, I heard the news that
Deidre was let-go, I did email her right away wanting to know how she was. I
know through many in the industry, and her own personal publicist, that she
is not currently doing any interviews right now about the departure, but I
think all of us saw her thoughts on the video that was recently posted on
her website.

It's all such a shame, and hard to believe, that we may never see them again
on "DAYS" and in Salem. I have no more words on this subject that had rocked
the soap world since November and finally played it's last beat on-air.

Till next time,

Nelson Ratings — MAJOR DAYS RANT
Great rant. There is NO excuse for what I saw Friday. There was plenty of time for talented writers to come up with an emotional and heartfelt episode. Have John emasculated gives me an idea that someone had it in for the actor or his character. The amount of airtime, tacky wedding, no goodbyes to family, no real dialogue, one day of John with his memories after a year long storyline...it just amazes me how poorly it was done. As for Days suffering, I guess the audience they have now is happy with the show, so it will probably stay right where it is in the ratings.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 25 2009, 03:35 PM
Jan 25 2009, 03:01 PM
Jan 25 2009, 01:01 PM
Who said it was "always about Sami!"? That's her daughter. Marlena has no way of knowing she's right. The only reason we know Sami's not going to get gunned down by the assassin is because this is a soap. John shared a nice scene with his son, as he should have, and Roman and Stefano also got small nods, which touched on their history. That didn't mean it was all about Brady or Stefano or Roman.

John and Marlena got a poor wrap up, and that comment was just one more piece of a terribly done reunion and goodbye.
I'm the one who said it and it was only in regards to the fact that the discussion about J&M's last show had become all about Sami. Sorry if you don't agree, but that was my opinion. Can't one thing on this show not be about her.
I was responding to Liz's post directly above mine, which was saying that the moment on the show didn't need to be all about Sami. If your post (which I didn't see) was only about the show discussion turning into something all about Sami, then we're talking about two different things.
OK, I just responded because that's exactly what I had said earlier in the thread. I see now what you were talking about.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 25 2009, 02:50 PM
My rant about Friday's show..in no particular order... :soapbox:

Kayla is a worse doctor than Lexie, which I didn't think was possible. Was it really necessary to see her dour face over Marlena's shoulder during her final scenes with John?? I think not.

WTF was that spell that Stefano had after hearing the news about John? Totally plot driven to get EJ out of town. So they send Stefano to the hospital to have worthless scenes with Marlena and John, and what, we're supposed to be impressed? I did like how Marlena didn't give a crap. Nicely played by Deidre. lol

John has some vague central nervous system disorder because of the poison injection but Lugano of all freaking places "specializes in these type of cases". So they specialize in cases of crackpots injecting mystery poison into people? Fuck you Dena.

Marlena call Father Jansen but some other strange priest showed up and pretended he knows them. The whole wedding was a joke. Let's get married, boom they're married, they give a cliched speech and it's over. Thanks for nothing, Days.

The whole paralysis thing was so insulting. That John couldn't raise his hand to stroke Marlena's face one last time is reprehensible. I'm sure Dena et all had a ball looking for ways to twist the knife a little deeper.

Could they have found 3 more emotionless, pitiful witnesses for J&M's send off? The only emotion I saw from them was gratefulness they still have jobs.

J&M's final shot was so not worthy of their very last scene on Days! I bet some people will think this isn't their final show. It was so fucking pitiful I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. I don't know how Drake and Deidre could stomach playing out these last scenes. Must have made it easier to leave and be rid of this asinine show.

My new imagined ending is this was a plot to trick Stefano into thinking John was immobile and after the 'I dos' John jumped out of bed, grabbed Marlena's hand and they ran to the airport to get the fuck away from Salem.

OMG! That is the best post I've read about the show. It was so lame to have Stefano show up because you know it was just a lazy attempt to bring him into the mix of J&M's last show. And why would the man who tortured John his whole life and made him a human science experiment even care?

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 25 2009, 01:01 PM
Who said it was "always about Sami!"? That's her daughter. Marlena has no way of knowing she's right. The only reason we know Sami's not going to get gunned down by the assassin is because this is a soap. John shared a nice scene with his son, as he should have, and Roman and Stefano also got small nods, which touched on their history. That didn't mean it was all about Brady or Stefano or Roman.

John and Marlena got a poor wrap up, and that comment was just one more piece of a terribly done reunion and goodbye.
I'm the one who said it and it was only in regards to the fact that the discussion about J&M's last show had become all about Sami. Sorry if you don't agree, but that was my opinion. Can't one thing on this show not be about her.

Entertainment Weekley: Goodbye to All of That
Jan 25 2009, 10:22 AM

It's time to say good-bye and get on with the living.
I'm sure we are all "going on with the living", but since this is a message board many people like to let loose with their feelings and opinions. I think that's part of living as well.

Entertainment Weekley: Goodbye to All of That
Jan 25 2009, 06:55 AM
Funnily enough I think Matt Ashford and Missy Reeves got a better sendoff in 2006!
I can't say I was a huge John/Marlena fan, but I recognise that they are part of DAYS history, indeed an integral part of the canvas, and the show will be all the poorer for their absence.
Nice comments! It was an embarassment and I'm glad the mainstream press is acknowledging that. I doubt the soap magazines will, but maybe they'll surprise me.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
OMG! Even J&M's last show has become all about Sami. I am sick to death of her lol!

Entertainment Weekley: Goodbye to All of That
Thanks Gwennie. That says it all. It's not all about ratings. It's about losing something that can't be defined and this writer said what I feel very well.

DAYS:Goodbye John & Marlena
No kidding. They can't even get their story right on the official website. What a pathetic show. And Bye, bye Days.
Thanks for posting Angie.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I watched live today for the first time in months and it was not impressed. Were the Sami/Rafe/Kliller scenes supposed to be suspenseful because they were just not. Sami and Rafe make a good pair with her screeching and his shouting his lines. Nicole/EJ were OK but a little lackluster. It's hard to feel anything for Nicole when all she does is lie, lie. lie. Liked Marlena/Brady scenes, but how come Marlena gets a minute to react to the news about John, yet Mia. the Hitman and everyone else had much longer scenes? John/Kayla were good too, but the story is so poorly written like everything else on this show.

New URL for The DR
Mine didn't. I had to use an old link to find the board again!

Deidre to GH?
Jan 18 2009, 04:06 PM
Jan 18 2009, 03:55 PM
Jan 18 2009, 03:42 PM
When Hogan actually wrote for Marlena, it was the best I'd ever seen her written!
What'choo talkin bout, Mason? Seriously, when was this?? Hogan started with Marlena standing by John's side when he was in a coma, then he had her read the list of vendors for the Lumi wedding, then he had her tell Sami that EJ loves her even though he raped her, then he had Marlena pimping Santeen... ??
Have you seriously all forgotten Marlena post-John's "death"? I know you all didn't care for Hogan's writing, but you can't deny that Marlena was kicking ass and taking names from October 2007 - January 2008.

And no, he didn't start with John in a coma. He wrote J&M beautifully in October - December 2006.
I remember that. I actually got a letter in one of the magazines praising Sheffer's writing of J&M then, but by Feb, I was wishing I could retract it. I do think Sheffer had a big story planned but was forced to bb J&M and Bope by Corday/NBC. I t was all downhill after that.

Deidre to GH?
Jan 18 2009, 02:35 PM
Jan 17 2009, 03:27 PM
Posted Image
What issue date is that? I just went to the store and it's not the most current issue (dated Jan. 27th).

Also, since you posted the cover, do you think perhaps you could tell us what related material is printed in the book?
I'm sure it's just one of those usual soap magazine headlines that is totally misleading. I think it's too early to land on another soap.

DAYS:Promo for wk of January 19th
It looks so sad. I would hardly call it a week long event. It's more like a two day event from the spoilers I've read. Thanks for posting.