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Grey's Anatomy Discussion
May 8 2009, 03:26 AM
This episode was great. Still preferred last week's because that was so perfect, but tonight's was great too!

The wedding switcheroo was a tad predictable, but it was really nice to see Izzy have her fairy tale. The show won't be the same without Heigle, but I think Izzy should die. It would just be the perfect ending to this storyline!
Loved last night's show as well. The last couple of weeks have brought me back to the show. Do we know for sure that Izzy is going to die?

DAYS:Casting Tidbits
May 8 2009, 02:06 PM
never in my life have a seen a newbie character, bring so many newbies onto the canvas, wtf cares about Mia and her friends/family? this is so lame!

TFP, angie!
It's not Days of our Life anymore. It's Days, the next generation and the influx of newbies will continue.