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SOD: Do or Die for Days! Ken Corday interview
Jul 2 2009, 05:08 PM
"Organic" means that:

1) The characters can run into each other somewhere and/or
2) The characters are roughly the same age, or it can be fudged so it seems like they are somehow the same age.

Hence Daniel with Hope/Bo/Carly. Which- why is there a 4th needed when the interesting part is BO being torn between two women and Hope is merely an accessory.

Oh yeah- and they have to be opposite gender.

Dear Mr. Corday,

I'm actually with you in your sentiment about the past being past. But let's get real for a second.

You relied on certain characters/actors for DECADES without really trying to build a new generation to follow, to flow from that original generation. So don't get all pissy when your newbies don't catch fire.

It sounds like you're about to make the same mistake, because Stephanie/Phillip seem isolated. Much like Chelsea/Max were in preparation for their exit. Stupid- they have to be integrated and used as your stepping stone away from Victor/Stefano/Whoever. Otherwise we get another weird lurch to new characters, assuming the show lasts much longer.

Also, you and your staff are the fucktards who decided to give J/M a horrible rushed non-satisfying ending and S/K fans ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Why on earth would you expect people who invested decades in those characters to just back off, go see the actors at the luncheons when you screwed them? And new viewers are idiots if they don't know the same thing will happen to them (hi, Danloe fans- get ready to join the Jarlenas and...Paylas).

Finally, we don't have to see the old faves at luncheons. We can watch YouTube. Or, we can read some of the brilliant fanfic out there that blows the shit out of your little dog and pony show.

Oh yeah- mad props for trying to take credit for Carly and Bo/Hope getting a story. If you gave a better interview you may actually have gotten some recognition for it. As it is, I think you're lying. And prepping for their exit/cancellation with a Bo/Hope story.

I also give you props for trying to drag down your father directly instead of by destroying the show he helped create...the show you've drawn income from since forever.

Good luck hitting your ratings target by relying on Bo/Hope and Carly...and Daniel while simultaneously dissing the long-term viewers most likely to be attracted to that storyline. I'm now rooting against you, because I want you to be unemployed- there are too many talented people out there without inherited tv shows for you to keep having the chance to fuck with this one, assmuncher.

Much love,

You really need to send that to him or to SOD! Love it.