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SOW: Colleen Brady is Alive!
Thanks for posting! I am so disappointed in this storyline. What a crappy way to end a fabulous storyline with such potential. I hope there is way more to this than Days is letting on because this sounds like a snorefest.

DAYS:SOD Tidbits
Thanks for posting! I hope this is the last we ever seen of Lucas. I have seen enough of him in the past year to last a lifetime.

DAYS: Spoilers & Previews
Jan 24 2008, 09:39 PM
Jan 24 2008, 10:56 AM
What is this talk about Kristen not beeing mentioned? Andre talked about her several times in 2002-2003. And then also on the island. Peter is the one that has been mentioned very little since he left.

Yeah, I don't think Peter has been mentioned at all since he left, certainly since Melissa Reeves and Matt Ashford returned (and since left). Peter could be used in such a good way now; either played by Jason Brooks or someone new.

I used to love Peter. I would love it if he came back to the show!

DAYS: Spoilers & Previews
Thanks for posting! I can't wait for Lucas to be gone.

SOW: Colleen Brady is Alive!
Colleen should have jumped off that cliff. This is complete garbage.

DAYS: Casting News
Jan 3 2008, 04:38 AM
^Oh, well then I disagree. The story, for me anyway, wouldn't have been NEARLY as entertaining as it was (to me -- I understand many hated it) if not for the clever casting of EJami in the roles. It solidified, in a way (likely ticking off Bryan Datillo) the eventual SUPERcoupling of EJ and Sami (I mean, come on; most of us know EJami blows Lumi outta the pond! And the chemistry?! AAAAAAAAAHHH, the chemistry! Hot damn, they're hot! And how about making their faces identical to those of their ancestors?! Yeah, that was done for a reason).

The story only would have worked and served a purpose with EJ and Sami as pivotal characters.

I usually just lurk here, but I had to whole heartedly agree with this. I loved the Santo & Colleen story. I was disappointed when the story ended and can't wait to see a resolution to it. I completely agree that the whole point of the story was to show the resemblance between Santo & EJ and Colleen & Sami. With other actors playing those characters, the storyline would have been pointless. I also agree that EJ & Sami will be Salem's next supercouple and the Santeen storyline set it up perfectly. I can't wait to see where things go as EJ's redemption continues and can't wait until Lucas is out of the picture.