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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Oct 17 2016, 11:25 AM
With what I've seen so far, Jack and Laura do have better chemistry. I love how they helped each other. I'm looking forward to the big reveal between Jack, Jennifer, and Laura. I hope it's not disappointing. I don't remember it at all.

I hated all the terrible stuff that Peter did. It's just that when Stefano was pulling him back in, I felt like Peter probably was pushed that way his whole life. Doesn't excuse it, but made him more relatable and I did feel bad for him. I still want Jennifer to find out the truth. I was just surprised that I felt sympathy for Peter. When I first watched, I purely hated Peter and couldn't wait for Jen to find out the truth Seemed like it took forever!

The Jack/Laura reveal happened in Aremid. I haven't watched it in years but I remember liking it and I was very glad it was Melissa Reeves playing Jennifer (she left soon after that).

I've only rewatched until the summer of 1994 so I don't remember if Peter ever confessed it all to Jennifer. I have seen a few moments of Peter not really liking Stefano's actions but he didn't do anything to change things. You're right though, it was presented as Peter obeyed Stefano's orders his whole life so he probably felt obligated to continue down that path. I think he mentioned it to Kristen a couple of times that he had so much gratitude for Stefano adopting them when their parents were killed.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Oct 16 2016, 09:02 AM
I actually like Mark Valley as Jack, but I liked him with Laura, and I remember hating him with Laura when I first watched. I'm wondering if it was the squick factor of Laura being Jennifer's mom back then. I hated Bill and Mike going after Janice too. I guess over the years, Days has fixed my issue with parent/child having a relationship with the same guy.

I haven't seen much of MV and MR yet though, so hard to judge how much I'll like them together.

I liked MV as Jack and Jack and Laura together. I thought Mark Valley had much better chemistry with Jaime Lyn Bauer than he did with Melissa Reeves. Back then, I hadn't really seen Matthew Ashford play Jack (I started watching during his final weeks) so I didn't mind the recast since I didn't have anything to compare it to. Now that I've watched all the Jacks, I still think MV did just fine with what he was given.

Regarding Jennifer and Peter, I never liked them together. Yes, I agree that Peter's feelings for Jennifer were genuine but that was not enough for me. There wasn't one moment where he was completely honest with her, at least as far as I remember. He was always hiding things from her, whether it was his role in the Dimera business, knowing what Stefano was alive and holding J/M prisoners, owning a club that sold drugs and, of course, gaslighting Laura.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Oct 4 2016, 10:45 AM
I'm pretty sure Austin is older than Billie. It does seem odd, though, considering the Billie and Bo pairing.
He is. It was mentioned plenty of times when Lisa Rinna and Patrick Muldoon were playing the roles, especially around the time it was revealed that Kate was their mother.

My first experience watching Days was episodes from 1987, I can't remember which ones. Lol
It was the very start of Roman and Diana, my first favorite pairing on Days. I loved them so much. IMO they had great chemistry and I enjoyed their banter. Later I read that some of these funny lines were Drake an Genie's improvisation. They added a lot humor to their scripts.
LOVED Roman/Diana. I've liked John/Rojohn with many women but R/D is definitely my favorite pairing. :wub: :wub: