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Michael Logan interview with Drake Hogestyn
Mar 31 2015, 12:59 PM
There are so many scenarios in which this would've worked. Like, I totally would've bought that John had a love child with Ava because they slept together right before she left Salem. A little SORASing and then boom: non-Asian Paul shows up seven years later. It's just mind-blowing how Days continues to twist John's history around. Quite frankly, it's getting a little hard to keep up with.
The most logical thing to me would be if the long-lost child was Diana's. She left suddenly anyway so they could have written around what already happened, no rewrites necessary. Plus, the kid would be 25-26, exactly the age they had in the casting call...

Michael Logan interview with Drake Hogestyn
I was a big John & Kristen fan during 93-95 so I know that time period pretty well.

If we ignore the fact that John was on almost every day back then and assume this fling happened completely off-screen, the ony time that it can fit is around March-April 1994. J&M's affair and Belle's paternity had come out so Kristen went ahead with her wedding to Tony and pretty much stopped interacting with John. I guess you could say that John believed Kristen was done with him so he found comfort in someone else for a few nights. From what I remember, John was busy with the Curtis Brown murder during that time and then, he started having memories of his past that led to the Maison Blance storyline. No time for romance there since he was held captive.

I can't find any other time that it would fit. He was having an affair with Kristen from the end of MB until they found out he was priest. When they did, Kristen went back to Tony and John tried to forget her by dating a socialite named Tanya Hamsted. However, it was shown on-screen that he couldn't have sex with her because of his feelings for Kristen.

Then we had the Possession story up until mid-95 and as soon as John was released from the priesthood he was with Kristen again. So 1995 is definitely out of the question.

1993 is out of the question as well. He was totally focused on Marlena up until July when they found out Belle was Roman's. They decided to go their seperate ways and then he shifted his focus to Kristen. He also had Rebecca to occupy his time so I don't think there's room for a fourth woman (or fifth since he kept talking to Izzy B's star to help him with his love life, lol)

Sorry for the long post, I just thought I'd try and help a bit with the timeline. :)