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Daytime Emmy Awards
Apr 26 2015, 09:34 PM
How fitting that Genie Francis who absolutely hated her time on DAYS and has made no qualms about making that public, had to announce DAYS as the winner of Drama Series....on the night she and Anthony Geary are "reunited" on the stage....haha...GH's thunder is stolen...again by DAYS!
I saw that Drake went straight to her and hugged her though, which made my Roman/Diana shipper heart melt. :wub2:

DR wants to know...
Titus Andronicus
Apr 19 2015, 07:47 PM

Roman fakes being drunk so he can get booted out of Victor's and Diana's wedding.
YES! Definitely one of my favorites!

I'd also like to mention a scene I haven't been able to find on youtube. It's Christie Clark's last scene from 1991 when Roman and Carrie say goodbye because she decides to go live with Anna. I remember bawling like a baby. I just loved the father/daughter chemistry DH and CC had!

Michael Logan interview with Drake Hogestyn
Apr 4 2015, 07:19 AM
See I think this is where there is a certain misconception about some of us who are opposed to this story. We keep hearing about the timeline over and over (and certainly I prefer my stories to make sense on all points, including time), but I personally am far more bothered by the fact that, as you just stated, it doesn't make since to how John acted and felt. As such, it isn't true to his character. Some people don't interpret it that way, and that's fine for them. Some people are okay with that, and that's fine for them. But some of us are genuinely bothered by that, and that should be fine and open discussion for us.

Me personally, I would much rather have to bend my conception of time and space as have sacrifice my perception character. And I believe wholeheartedly in character evolution. Characters are a representation of mankind. Mankind is suppose to grow. But going back in time and inserting something that's not true to character (Note I did not say true to onscreen.I have no issue with filling in gaps so long as those gaps exist and they make sense.) isn't evolution. IMO it's character assassination.

As to your last point, I agree completely that this show has seen far worse historical travesties than this. It's not even the worst crime perpetuated against J&M (may not even make the top five when it's all said and done) much less the whole show. To keep watching this show for so many years you have to become kind thick-skinned, but I don't think that means you have to stop expressing your dissent to the re-writes. To be able to work your way through the re-writes is to be able to survive as a viewer, to be silent about them is to be complicit and invite more destruction. Finally, just because we aren't boarding the Titanic with this story doesn't make it a pleasure cruise...even if we are just Gilligan and the Skipper boarding the SS Minnow. ;)
We're definitely in agreement then, the story makes sense time-wise but not character-wise. :)

Michael Logan interview with Drake Hogestyn
Apr 3 2015, 04:06 PM
I get that. I just don't think that just because a character is onscreen almost every day that means that there is absolutely no period of time during any given day that something could have happened that didn't show up onscreen.

By way of example. In the fall of 1987, Steve had dumped Kayla and she was engaged/married to Jack. Steve was still onscreen and very involved in stuff. In fact, he was on almost every day in that time period. But, if they wrote a story where a long lost kid showed up and claimed he was conceived during that time period, I'd have a hard time saying for 100% certainty it could not have happened. Steve wasn't with Kayla and, at that time, did not view her as remotely available to him. While he was onscreen a lot and we never saw him in another relationship, I can't say that he couldn't have had a fling somewhere in that time period. I can certainly say that it was never shown, or mentioned, onscreen and that during that whole time Steve was clearly still in love with Kayla and did not appear to be interested in another woman. But I can't say it's literally impossible. I can also say that it doesn't seem to be in keeping with Steve's character, but I can't say that the idea would destroy his character either. It's plausible.

That's the only thing I've been trying to say about this particular retcon. There was a time period between Marlena and Kristen where John would not have been cheating on anyone. He does have a bit of a history with new relationships. And, thus far, nobody has been able to convince me that this is literally impossible to have happened in that time period. I realize it doesn't fit perfectly (or even decently) and I realize that many people don't agree with me and that's fine too. But's that's where I'm coming from in all of this. It's plausible and it doesn't destroy (or even damage) anything I know about John at this point.

Now, if they expand on the timeline and it occurred at some different point in time than I am assuming, then I may certainly change my opinion. But, for the moment, with what limited information exists, I personally don't think it's that horrible.
ITA with your whole post and that's why I tried to put my couple preferences aside and be as objective as I could when I posted John's romantic entanglements from 93-95. :)

I don't like the new retcon since I loved both J&M and John/Kristen during that time period and having to deal with Rebecca was enough. However, like I posted before, there was a time around March-April of '94 when it could have happened, even if it doesn't make sense to someone who watched and saw how John acted and felt back then.

We've seen so many history rewrites much worse than this IMO.

Michael Logan interview with Drake Hogestyn
Apr 3 2015, 12:39 PM
So, if I understand things, John went from having an affair with Marlena to immediately being in love with Kristen?

I wasn't watching then, but it surprises me that there wasn't some period of time, say a week or two, where John's affair with Marlena had ended and he wasn't yet in love with Kristen. I would have thought there would have been a little time between those things, but I guess not.
The affair with Marlena ended around April '93 but it wasn't until July that they decided to move on when they found out that Belle was Roman's. He was with Rebecca during that time and also had plenty of scenes with Kristen.
When J/M ended things, the story immediately shifted towards John/Kristen with Rebecca ending things with him because she saw that he had feelings for Kristen. John/Kristen got together in September and he told her that he loved her the same month. I think they wrote it that quickly because Stefano showed up right after and they had to deal with the fact that Kristen was his daughter.

So yeah, there wasn't that much time between the ILYs. But John was only with Rebecca between Marlena and Kristen, there were no other women.