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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 29 2015, 03:59 PM
Since I'm a newer Days viewer, I've been trying to catch up on some of the super couple stuff I missed in the '80s. And I'll be damned if Steve and Kayla aren't the sweetest soap couple I've ever watched. The vows for that yacht wedding were just something else. :wub: :cloud9:
That's how I fell in love with them 11 years ago. There was no YT at the time but some wonderfull people posted their story on a certain J&J message board and I fell in love with them instantly. It really is the best soap couple I've ever seen. :wub2:

I'm rewatching some of their early clips and, I have to say, no matter how many times I watch this Steve/Kayla/Max clip, I always cry like a baby. Just the sound of Max's voice is enough to make me bawl.

I just loved the Steve/Max relationship!

Social Media for the Week of 9/21
I found the Ejami clip on twitter. :)


Tuesday, September 22nd Daily Discussion
Sep 23 2015, 12:07 AM
AND They even used a couple of flashbacks they *never* used before- gasp!

AND Kayla had a flashback of her own- a sexy one :)

Tell me about it!
I wanted anything other than the usual ones, first time, wedding and Stephanie's birth. Not that I don't enjoy those but watching an '86 clip was so unexpected and awesome!

And how fitting that Kayla was the one having the sexy flashback, lol. I hope she keeps it up and have more flashbacks like this, preferably the hot springs or the hot tub during their honeymoon ;)

Latest 50th Montage: Great Adventures

a. A relatively rapid succession of different shots in a movie.
b. The juxtaposition of such successive shots as a cinematic technique.

Putting 4 1-minute scenes together does not a montage make.

Grandpa Hughes
Sep 19 2015, 06:13 PM
It actually sounds like Nicole. I hope they're not replacing the actress. I like her.
That's what it looked like to me as well but, apparently, they changed the casting call from African-American to Hispanic or Middle Eastern.

Thursday, September 17th Daily Discussion
FYI, in case anyone's wondering, the word Victor called Stefano means a**hole in Greek. :laugh:

TV Insider: Thaao Interview
Sep 17 2015, 10:35 AM
Sep 17 2015, 10:29 AM
I wonder what time period Penghlis is referring to. 90s Reilly or 00s Reilly? For whatever reason, Brody Hutzler (ex-Patrick) was the first person that came to my mind, LOL. He always seemed like a weasel to me, but maybe that had more to do with his character.
90's Reilly I think.
Definitely the 90's. Thaao was on the show while JER was writing twice and since he mentioned that whenever Reilly was back, he was out it means it happened the first time.

In 1995, TP was mostly working with Drake, Eileen, Joe, Jason Brooks and the actor who played Father Francis. I think we can rule out the first 4 so it's either one of the other guys.

Social Media for the Week of 9/14
Sep 16 2015, 07:46 PM
Ok, I am the only one on here who doesn't like conjoined names. I will not use them.
I don't have a problem using them for recent couples. Maybe it's because they are used as soon as the couple gets together and I get used to the name immediately.

However, I hate the names for the 80's-90's couples. I don't mind "Bope" because I never followed them but seeing Stayla, Jeck and Jarlena makes my skin crawl. These 3 (and I assume many more) were always written S&K, J&J and J&M before social media took over.

Phelanie remains my favorite until this very day. It fit that couple almost too perfectly.

My favorite will always be EJ/Kate's name. EJ Hooker. :laugh: :laugh:

Social Media for the Week of 9/14
I guess I'll be the one bringing the news!


B&B: September Discussion
Sep 10 2015, 06:28 PM
I hope both Caroline/Ridge elope just to stick it to everyone.
Hmm, since this isn't the spoiler thread I will simply say that you may be on to something here. ;)

Social Media for the Week of 9/7
Sep 9 2015, 10:47 PM
:facepalm: Seriously?? Thats the excuse? Do they need me to send them some early JnJ clips??
Why couldn't they show something more recent then? They've had some great scenes in 2001 when JT fell off the bridge, plus there was the 2003 wedding.

Lamest excuse ever. :eyeroll:

Social Media for the Week of 9/7

Social Media for the Week of 9/7
Sep 8 2015, 08:18 PM
"She didn't even flinch!" :wub:

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 6 2015, 01:02 PM
C'est la vie. But I still have about 6 more months of episodes left!
Oh, I know, I was really looking forward to see the rest!

Why don't you upload them on your account on dailymotion? :)

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 5 2015, 11:42 PM
What is the difference between private and unlisted?
With the private videos, the only people that can view them are the YT users you add yourself. You can't just simply share the link like you do with the unlisted videos. :)

Social Media for the Week of 8/31
Sep 4 2015, 08:50 PM
Does anyone know what ever happened to the hippie dude who used to post his day-ahead sing alongs on YouTube?
Wow, what a blast from the (not so distant) past! :laugh:

I think he stopped doing them 3-4 years ago.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 3 2015, 06:39 PM
Just an FYI....my channel got a copyright strike because of Night Sins. 2 more and all the videos are toast. I've made all my videos private. I can't do unlisted until March 1. Any suggestions from you video vets? I was just getting to the Carly buried alive storyline.
Aww, that sucks!

Maybe you could upload the rest on Dailymotion? Or start another YT channel with the rest.

I've head problems with unlisted videos as well but they were 2015 GH clips so maybe that was the problem. They're more strick with recent episodes.

Last time my error was from uploading Y&R. Man, are they harsh on that show in terms of sharing.

Yup, B&B is like that as well. There are literally no clips of anything from the past few years on YT, minus the clips the show itself posts.