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Social Media for the Week of 9/26
Sep 26 2016, 06:59 PM
Hmmm I wonder who the other return is?

My guess is JKJ.
I would love for JKJ to return but I don't think he would come back for a quick return, if he does return he'll probably want a contract.

I think it's someone we really don't expect and since it's for a special event that will make us happy, I'm going with Shelley Hennig returning for a S/K wedding.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 23 2016, 04:50 PM
Almost the dumbest thing Emilio did, second to jumping off a cliff after Jennifer's engagement ring fell. He was such a freaking idiot.
Da Ring!!!

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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 23 2016, 12:48 PM
I know this thread is about days and not other soaps but I just happened to stumble upon this post. A few days ago I ran into a channel on YT with Cruz/Eden clips from 84-88 I think. Anyway, I watched SB I think maybe a year or two before it got cancelled. I am loving the banter between Cruz & Eden and love Cruz's witty lines. They were pretty amazing!

I stopped watching Days regularly years ago but catch it from time to time online now. Anyway, Just wondering what year did A Martinez's character Eduardo show up? I've caught a few episodes here and there when Eduardo was on but it seemed like his character didn't really have much going on. Was it better before when his character first appeared?
Eduardo showed up last year, in September I think. In my opinion, the first few months of his arrival were pretty good because he had to deal with his daughter being murdered and the scenes between him and Kassie DePaiva (the daughter's mother) were very powerful.

About SB, I also watched the last few years when I was a kid so I missed almost everything Cruz/Eden related. Thanks to youtube, though, I've watched almost all of their story and I loved it! You're welcome to PM me if you want to discuss it further. :)

Social Media for the Week of 9/12
Sep 16 2016, 01:39 PM
That looks like JE behind MBE with her hair up and the grey jacket. YAY! :)

I'm pretty sure it's Suzanne Rogers. :(

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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 17 2016, 01:45 AM
He started dating Miriam Parrish as soon as she turned 18.

And Lisa Rinna had this to say about him recently:
"I hated Robert Kelker-Kelly. Hated him with a passion. He hated me with a passion. We were a volatile combination, and it looked like love and sexual chemistry on camera. That was some darn good acting right there."

Bo and Jamie had a scene together when her father was abusing her and I couldn't help but being creeped out by it. Supposedely they weren't dating at the time and they stayed together for almost 20 years but still... :blink:

I remember the LR quote. I have to give her props for making it seem like it was just 2 coworkers not liking each other because she could have said a lot more lol.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 16 2016, 08:08 PM
Now that I think of it, wasn't it rumored that he harassed all 3 of his leading ladies?
I've heard rumors about all 3 having problems with him being "too friendly" and also there was a rumor about AS's mother not wanting her daughter near him or something like that.

But maybe CC/RKK were fine in the beginning? Because they certainly look like they get along in this clip.

I mean, I know most of it was for the fans but I don't think CC would have agreed to this if she hated him.

I didn't know about any of this until after he left. As he played the part, he was fine with me. Won't say I liked him as much as PR, but I liked him. It was a successful recast. It wasn't unpopularity in the role that caused departure. With a character that popular there are always going to be x amount of people who don't accept it.
ITA. I think the only reason he got fired was because PR decided to come back. I think he had to be popular, both he and Bo/Billie because RKK/LR, along with Drake and Eileen, were leading the episode counts for all of his tenure. Not as popular as PR/Bope but still, there had to be a reason he had that much screentime. Also, RKK/LR hosted the S O D awards of 1994, if I remember correctly.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 15 2016, 12:32 AM
Unpopular opinion - I loved RKK's Bo and LR's Billie. Seriously loved them :peek:

I know many hated RKK as Bo, and I agree in hindsight the role probably shouldn't have been recast, but he was actually considered a really successful recast at the time. Of course that wasn't taking into account that he was apparently a nightmare behind the scenes!

I agree that the certain Bo "spark" was missing in a lot of his relationships, but I loved the chemistry between him and Billie.

(In my defence, I started watching the show just after Bo and Hope left to sail around the world. Having watched "classic" Bope in recent years, I can absolutely see why people adored them and hated the RKK/Carly/Billie years.)

Not unpopular with me but I also hadn't seen PR's version when I started watching. I loved them back then and now that I'm rewatching the 1994 episodes I still find them adorable.

Writing this now may seem as sacrilege but I honestly felt back then that Bo and Billie were the rooting couple and Gina/Hope was the interloper. I don't know if RKK played it that way but Bo seemed to be all about Billie. That completely changed when PR came back, though. As soon as he arrived, it was the other way around, as it should be of course. :)

Social Media for the Week of 9/12
I made another (lame) attempt at enlarging the image.

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I don't think the name in line 15 is Nadia, it looks to me like the first name ends in Y so I think it may be Wally Kurth since Billly Flynn's is probably in line 7. A Martinez could be the name 2 lines below Marci Miller, I think the name right below her has a longer first name.

Also, that isn't DH's signature in line 6, because that's where Barbie signed.

Social Media for the Week of 9/12
4ever DAYS
Sep 13 2016, 02:57 PM
Sep 13 2016, 02:52 PM
Any word on the blurred face at the door in the Wags bit? :shrug:
I wish I knew. I don't think anyone replied when I asked that question. I hope the voice and blur was MA.
It didn't sound like MA to me, unfortunately. I think it was the director who was explaining things to her in the scene with MR, Steven Williford, because the voice sounded the same as his.

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I don't think that this guy is from the cast, he doesn't resemble anyone as far as I can tell. The fact that his face was blurred doesn't mean much since lots of people's faces were blurred, like Eric Martsolf's, for example.

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Social Media for the Week of 9/12
Sep 13 2016, 11:43 AM
Could we get an enlargement of this one? That looks to be the cast sign-in sheet, hadn't seen one of those before. Perhaps just those who were working that day.
Here you go. :)

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Social Media for the Week of 9/12
From the WAGS episode

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I think that might be Marci Miller's back after her hair was done.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 5 2016, 08:02 AM
Does anyone know if Christie Clark's final scenes from 1990 are anywhere? I'm not sure enough of the full context to know what story to search.
I have 2 clips that I downloaded at least 15 years ago so the quality is pretty bad. They were dated 1991 so I guess that's when Christie Clarke left. The first one is just Roman and Carrie's goodbye and the second one is a little longer and it includes the second to last Roman/Carrie scene and some scenes with Roman/Isabella.



Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Sep 3 2016, 01:56 PM
All of May 1994 is uploaded

Thank you so much!

For the Deidre Hall fans, there's an interview of hers right after the 5/27 episode. It's her appearance on Regis and Kathie Lee, the day of the 1994 Emmys. :)

A Martinez to recurring/Alma Delfina may be done
Sep 1 2016, 06:57 AM
Or maybe he wanted a larger guarantee? Or even to be used for all of his guarantee episodes. They couldn't accommodate that and so he asked to go recurring so he wouldn't be tied down to a contract that wasn't really working for him?
That's exactly what I think happened. I don't think he lied about anything but if they were to use him more, I think he probably wouldn't have asked to go recurring.