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The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Jan 31 2009, 08:55 PM
Deidre and Drake are such a boring topic. Who cares if they hate love or fuck each other. They're gone, forever hopefully. Let's stop acting like drug users and move on please.
I would definitely have to agree with this.

The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Jan 31 2009, 06:53 PM
I was wondering what happened to the thread. I figured it got heated and deleted because it was already bordering on that when I had to head out.

People are going to believe what they want. There is an argument on both sides IMO. I, personally, doubt they hate each other but I do believe they aren't as close as they seem nor I do I think they are as close as they once were. I sensed they had a falling out years ago and that both would've been excited about new pairings/stories.

I'm over this though. They're gone. I just want a J&M free period for awhile. It's been running nonstop since November. I'm ready to focus on those who are still with the show and what the future may hold in that regard.
:hail: Blessings on this post, Tim!

OLTL: Weekly Discussion!
That ending Friday was creepy.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I enjoyed this week, too! Yeah, maybe the writing was lame, but really, the acting made it enjoyable, even Daniel and Chloe. And yeah, Ari sold it AGAIN. It's crazy. She is really showing the gamut of feelings. I don't know why Bo doesn't tell Hope either, except it's probably plot device. But it's still enjoyable. I will say, though, the killer/Rafe scenes were rather lame. The choreographed fighting reminded me of West Side Story, LOL. At least neither of them flopped like an orgasmic fish like Jett did when he was shot!

The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Oh, the drama..........

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The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
That was already posted, got rather heated, and was deleted.

Thaao Penghlis was fired
Just WHO determines how supercouple should be used anyway? It's already been established on this thread that there are many reasons why it's OK for Tony and Anna to be referred to as a supercouple. Good grief.

Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters
Wow, I bubbled up! Kewl!

Suds Report AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
Jan 30 2009, 04:30 PM
This is why execs don't respect you guys. It's been known forever that D&D hate each other. ASK ANYONE. God, I hope I'm never in a life-or-death situation with you guys, because your instincts are WAY OFF! It's the worst secret, ever. You think ONE SOURCE has told me that, when a lot of my pals are Days people (they are; do you think I just got the the Dena scandal, and Thaao's firing because I'm lucky?). Seriously, people you need to grow a brain cell once in a while. D&D are ACTORS. They lie for a living, but I respect them because they never wanted to not work each other for their paycheques. They're smart. Maybe you should be, too. You all doubted the Dena story, and this is why the soap thinks you're all morons. And you're not, well, some of you are.
Isn't this poster bashing?

Thaao Penghlis was fired
Jan 30 2009, 06:39 AM
Jan 30 2009, 02:13 AM
Corday told Thaao there is a chance he will come back. Don't know if he means as a ghost or coming back from the dead.
He's been selling that oceanfront property in Arizona for years now.
Why? Thaao did eventually come back. Corday never set a time limit, did he? :P

Rumor/Spec Ari Leaving Days?
Jan 29 2009, 11:02 PM
Jan 29 2009, 06:50 AM

Quoting limited to 2 levels deep
I've been noticing a lot of parallel storylines in Days since I have been watching OLTL and it would be so natural for Higley to borrow what worked for OLTL and doctor it up around Days characters.

James Scott leaving could be the news, especially if his contract negotiations came to a impass and they let him go. That almost happened to the guy who plays Phillip until something changed.

OLTL took over the injured marine story and altered it when they hired she who played Mimi on Days and gave her a real original name of Gigi. That was too unoriginal, but it is working.

One Life didn't have an injured Marine. There was a Navy Seal-Brody-who had post traumatic stress disorder when he thought he shot a boy, thus injuring Rex in a delusion. Even if RC did "borrow" from Days, he did it a lot more creatively than Dena Higley "borrows" from One Life and he develops the story better.
Yes, Gigi's name is a little too similar to Mimi's, but there the similarities end, except for maybe the keeping of a secret, which came out in a better way, too!

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of February 9th
These do sound pretty good. I hope they play out as well.

Thaao Penghlis was fired
That is such a shame. Anna and Tony really had sparks. From what I understand about Thaao, though, he'll be fine. Guy's been through the wringer so much with Days, he's smart enough to always have a contingency plan. I will miss him and Leeanne both, though. Leeanne adds such spark and charm to the show.
I'm really enjoying this blogger for various reasons. It's neat to read new viewpoints from someone who isn't constrained by what they say. Course, that could go both ways. But, it's entertaining none the less, especially the caps. Prevuze, Serial Drama, and now the Daytime Diva.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 29 2009, 12:39 PM
Jan 29 2009, 06:54 AM
Maybe we ought to start another thread like the ones they have at Sony and say 'Soap Discussion: positives only". :D
The DR was created to avoid threads like that and I for one don't want to have to deal with those sort of threads here AT ALL. I think we're all grown up enough to read both pro and negative posts all in one thread, and if people don't like reading posts from unhappy viewers then feel free to put the people who you don't want to see negative posts from on Ignore.
You did note the smiley I included? I wasn't serious. Damn.

Days actor fired from the show
Well, for what it's worth:
1. My surfing in the morning with my Special K will be very interesting.
2. The Diva is bookmarked on my computer
3. Reliable sources aren't required to like Nelson, Marlena D., Carolyn Hinsey, Stephanie Sloane, or ANYONE.They are all public figures and if they are published, they are open to scrutiny and criticism. Just like the diva is here.
4. I also consider Tony and Anna a supercouple.
5. I get the feeling that whatever the outcome, I won't be happy.

Jan 28 2009, 11:12 PM
Jan 28 2009, 11:03 PM

This reminds me of that rumor from a million years ago that Marlena was going to get hit by the bus. Does anyone remember that?

And now I'm realizing I'll never see Marlena hit by a bus. :(
I thought of that too. She would be hit by a bus and the show would go back in time. It was their way of rectifying some mistakes.

I have to admit, I nearly bought this because of the thread that dealt with Ari Zucker and the babies being aged that was posted. I was thinking to myself the babies being aged would make sense now given them going into the future like this.

I don't see it through. I think it's something JER may have done but I don't think Corday would ever have the guts to do something like this.
You beat me to it. That's what I was thinking, too.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 29 2009, 04:51 AM
Jan 29 2009, 03:52 AM
Just two more notes on Tuesday's episode...

I love the way Shelley said "Kiriakis." She said it like JA and JKJ say it with the accent. Too cute. Those pool scenes were just wonderful. They were a classix example of how to build a couple and how this show usually builds couples. I can't remember the last time a young, blossoming couple, let alone any couple, got scenes like these. The writing was solid and Shelley and Jay work so well together. The chemistry is there and I like the lists they made, his thinking she wanted to go there to make Max jealous, his buying out the place for the night and also letting her win. Just the banter and playfulness and her wanting to avoid a flirtini (nice touch on the last time they were at the Cheatin Heart) was so refreshing. It was also a nice touch of history given how many times Steve and Kayla played pool in that exact same place.

The other thing I want to mention was Ari's performance at the end of Tuesday. Her emotion really got to me in that scene and the same happened today too. Ari and Taylor work so well together and those scenes of Nicole asking Mia to give her approval to take the baby were heartbreaking. Mia is struggling with this and the actress did a good job with that and Ari really did a good job with the scenes. Nicole came off smpathetic and her face lights up while holding the baby. Wonderful scenes. I like that they had Nicole concerned about Mia seeing a doctor too. I said this in another thread but I wonder if maybe Mia not seeing a doctor will lead to a medical issue later. My feeling is she has to be brought back into Nicole's orbit somehow so maybe that will be how, although my feeling is she will just want the baby back and show up at the mansion.

Ali played those labor scenes very well. It's a wonder how she didn't go into labor for real! Very intense and I will say again Ali does some of her best emotional acting while pregnant LOL. She always seems to be that way. Good scenes. Dragged out a bit but intense. It's nice having bit characters like Dr. Baker and Sr. Theresa too because they do have personality and that adds alot to what is going on. As I've mentioned, they remind me of the bit characters JER used to bring on. They would have personality and add alot to their scenes.

The Rafe/killer stuff is beyond old. It's very JER-ish and I didn't like it then and I hate it now. I can't believe all the time Rafe looked at that medal, it takes the killer that long to notice Rafe looking at it. The only interesting thing there was Rafe pointing out that Johnny was Stefano's grandchild and how killing him would not be a good idea. The killer seemed to backtrack and worry a bit and it seems like he is not working for Stefano. I really want to know who hired him. I'm intrigued by this.

It was nice to see Melanie and Max. They haven't been on in awhile, much like Philip and Stephanie weren't until yesterday Chelsea is still not on but I'm glad we got a break from all of them. I always love the relationship between Melanie and Max. They have great sibling chemistry and Melanie is just so damn entertaining. I can't wait to see this bidding war with the Dimera's and Kiriakis's. I love the return of greedy Melanie and I love how Philip toyed with her and her reaction to his wanting to talk about the project. She totally panicked. There is Philip KIRIAKIS! It seems his dark side is emerging a bit, especially based on spoilers, and I love it. His scenes with Brady were good and I loved the tense scenes he had with Max. I was really happy when Philip reminded Max of how he gave Melanie a job and treated her well until she antagonized him, just like she antagonizes everyone else. Max can be an ass at times so anyone that brings him down a peg makes me happy. I'm assuming the envelope had the info on the project since Nick said he was going to have copies sent to Max and Chelsea.

I also liked the Brady/Melanie talk and was shocked they even bothered to have J&M mentioned after the shitty exit. It was nice hearing Brady talk about them and it was nice to have Melanie talk about Trent since that has not been brought up in awhile. The scenes were tender and nice and really helped shed some light on both characters. That was a very nice interaction with some good character focus. I like what I'm seeing in that regard this week. We see more of that tomorrow too.

The show really is back on track this week for me. The writing is better IMO and things are popping again. I'm so glad to see a recovery. This week has been great for me.
Phoenix, thanks for your great anylysis as usual. I wanted to write something too, but this board is really too negative lately and Im tired with it. So far I really like the shows this week and I come to the board hoping I will find some people excited as well but instead there are is always the same bunch of post from the same buch of people saying the same negative things every day. It makes me feel really depressed.

So I just want to thank you because I always looking forward to your posts hoping atleast someone is enjoying it as well and Im not an idiot with a lack of integrity or something because I still like the show. ;) :hail:

Btw, I totally loved the Phillip/Steph scenes on Tuesday, IMO their best scenes together from the drunken Steph moment (and it was really funny to see Steph face when Phillip asked her about the flirtini) and reading the spoilers I think this story is on a very good track now.

And I was very happy to see Melanie again after the long pause. I really grow to like her character and I think the writers did a very good job integrating her into a canvas. Its a great difference from Morgan, who they never attempted to include more or explore her POV. We saw Melanie herself in her room, we saw her bonding/having honest talks with Maggie and now Brady, it gives her much more gravity and Im really looking forward to her upcoming scenes with Nicol, should be interesting as MB already proved she is not afraid to work with seasoned actors.

If it makes you feel any better, Jane, I've been enjoying this week, too, although I haven't watched yesterday's episode. Please stay around! There are a few people who post positive things, LOL. Maybe we ought to start another thread like the ones they have at Sony and say 'Soap Discussion: positives only". :D

Rumor/Spec Ari Leaving Days?
Jan 29 2009, 04:26 AM
Jan 29 2009, 12:20 AM
Maybe this is the twist that AZ said in that interview....that Sami's kid dies? (I doubt that it'll happen...she has the golden halo!)
Sami never pays for anything...she thinks this kid's a mistake and it lives...while Nicole couldnt get pregnant, got pregnant and her kid dies.
Actually, there is another scenario they can use until the reveal and on past the reveal.

If Nicole ends up with another dead baby and Sami has Mia's, Mia won't know about Nicole's switch out. EJ and Nicole will be grieving a lost baby and noone but Nicole knows the difference.

Mia could reenter the picture when she finds out her baby, who she believes is with Nicole and EJ, died and she just might show up at the funeral.

Will Nicole realize she goofed up and try to get Mia's baby from Sami?

Things are going to get sticky if Mia finds out Nicole switched the babies, if Nicole was able to pull off the switch.

Nicole was at the clinic in the promos for next days trying to find out about Sami's baby and if she hears the baby has problems, will she go ahead and do a switch.

If Nicole succeeds in making the switch and it is Sami's baby that dies or nearly dies, Nicole will realize she messed up again and should have taken Mia's baby and not tampered with the whole switch.

Nicole's knowledge that Mia's baby is healthy and with Sami will eat Nicole alive.

She could probably try to hatch another seat of the pants plot to get Mia's baby back, but she will have to do some heavy explaining to EJ, so Nicole is going to lose out in any way that matters. Nicole could always use the old adopt a baby.

Nicole will also have had it with Sami always winning and have a really big mess on her hands just when she thought she had everything.

I can see Nicole making a visit to Sami if Sami's baby does die and letting Sami know the truth that Sami's kid died and Sami has someone elses baby to torture Sami. Nicole could think she could threaten Sami somehow and get her to turn over the baby to Nicole to conveniently adopt.

No baby and EJ was always mentioning the baby first and then Nicole. He talked himself into loving Nicole out of duty. EJ's love for Nicole might begin to lessen day by day since he makes himself fall in love with the mother of his kids.

So EJ ends up grieving with Nicole thinking it was their baby.

Sami is still going to have to hide her baby from EJ because she won't know about the switch until Nicole blabs for revenge.

In other words, whatever path they take especially if Sami's baby dies is going to end up a tortured mess for Nicole and Sami.

Sami wins though if she gets to keep Mia's baby with no worries about the DiMera's.

But Mia might show up and want her kid back if she finds out that Nicole lied.

Delicious contradictions, angst, and drama, if Days writers work it all out right and doesn't mess it up.
The only problem is...........again, it would be too much like One Life to Live, in which Jessica had a baby who died. Jessica's alter switched the dead baby with Starr Manning's baby, whom Marcie was going to adopt. They had a funeral and everything. Now, Jessica's in the pysch ward and her sister is taking care of the baby, who is really Starr's, and getting attached to her AND is on the outs with her sister, who tried to kill her. So, it'll probably end up as a four-way custody battle when all is said and done.

I love your scenario, don't get me wrong. But, it just seems to me that Dena tends to nab some of her ideas from her old place of employment. I guess I might be over-analyzing this, though. It will be interesting to see how they resolve this.

DAYS:Spoilers for week of February 2nd
Jan 29 2009, 05:10 AM
So I guess we will never find out who hired the killer?
I would hope it wouldn't end there. There would be no excuse, since we don't have the merry-go-round of writers now.

Week Of February 9 2008
Personally, I'm intrigued. It has been a while. I don't think there has been a gala event since I started watching again in 2005. The other events were 20 or so years ago that I watched, or ones on YouTube. Sometimes I still wonder if Dena steals from OLTL (Red Ball?)
Anyway, I would like to wait Stephanie and Philip out, as long as they don't play too many games. They aren't an earth-shattering couple, but I like them.
Sami wanting to stop this marriage.........it'll be interesting to see if she decides she "suddenly" loves EJ, or if it's more of the "I don't want him, but I don't want my enemy to have him either" or that she doesn't want Nicole to be Johnny's stepmother, something along those lines. She can't have EJ AND Rafe. If she wants EJ, then EJ wouldn't be too thrilled to have Rafe around so Sami can "function".
Daniel and Chloe.......well, we'll see. It would be a very blah ending to this whole thing. I'd rather have Lucas catch them, Chloe get an STD and transfer it, something a little more dramatic.