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NBC Spoiler Pics (6/2/14)
May 30 2014, 11:22 PM
So Jennifer Rose Horton, the tortured heroine, and St. Daniel the Jonas of Nazareth, the omnipotent creator, are actually the main characters in the Ericole story. Jennifer Rose Horton is conflicted over her decision to make Ericole all about herself, but at the end of the day, she's the moral compass of Salem so she's absolutely right and should berate and talk down Nicole Pariah Walker.

And it's just a matter of time before St. Daniel the Jonas of Nazareth, seeing that he's God, will be revealed as the one who has actually figured out that Gabi is the killer and let Hope know through pictures of the real culprit.
The drama...........I need my hankies ready..........

NBC Spoiler Pics (6/2/14)
May 30 2014, 11:13 PM
May 30 2014, 07:28 PM
May 30 2014, 05:23 PM
Lmao @Jen staring at an ERICOLE/Dannifer picture on the mantel!!! :roflol:
:laugh: This show is so stupid with all these contrived insta-deep relationships. :eyeroll:
It's like they're in kindergarden. Talking to a kid, turns into instant friendship.

Just like the elementary "they're going out with each other because they shared a swing at recess" relationships. Cracks me up.

Social Media Posts, Week of May 26
Is there supposed to be a gay "look"?

Spoilers for the week of June 9th
May 28 2014, 07:41 PM
May 28 2014, 07:06 PM
:applause: :rockon: Thank u Nicole!!! Lash'em and slash'em the hell out of your storyline. If Dannifer wants or needs some angst, they can go bark up another tree somewhere on the other side of Salem. As for Salem, I don't get this town :shame: there are enough mofo hypocrites running around in it that it's not even funny. But, FINALLY, the "shitty that never shoulda happened in the first damn place plot point" is over and for that alone, I'm ecstatic. :rockon:
As for it being Nicole's fault, of course it is. And it's something that she/Eric need to work through without the rest of the sanctimonious hypocrites of Salem throwing their cents in that won't even amount to a half-a-damn dollar.
As for the mess that happened with Gabi/Melanie/Chad, its all water under the bridge for me. And again, there are people that have committed far worse crimes that are still marching around in Salem USA. Again, the little town is filled with nothing but hypocrites. Surprised that glass houses aren't shattered every millisecond there.
Nicole doesn' t want to work through anything. She just wants to continue to lie to Eric. If not for her lies being exposed she would have been perfectly happy to continue to deceive Eric . Thats not love. Its a sick obssession . Eric needs to shed her like a bad habit and Nicole deserves to be all alone.
Depends on how they write it in the future.

Molly Burnett Returning to Days of our Lives?
I already quit watching, so it's a moot point on that regard. I can bitch about it being a reason to keep me away.

Molly Burnett Returning to Days of our Lives?
I forgot to do my dislike. It's 89 now. It's not bad enough that when she laughs, she opens her mouth wide enough to see her tonsils, adenoids, and uvula (and vocal folds).....which I find very "put-on" and insincere. It's sort of like "Oh, look how cute I am!"
It's like a lot of people fear....I feel like the Hortons and Bradys are going to be uprooted by the Jonases.

Molly Burnett Returning to Days of our Lives?
I honestly don't think Kate Mansi's interviews are any more off-the-wall than anyone else's in one form or another. I don't put much stock in actor interviews except for the ones that DR conducts because everyone else dances around the issues. I mean, seriously. It's like listening to athletes stammer and stutter around after a game. The truth is NOT going to come out full fledged or it's going to be spun to sell the show. Shoot. They all do it.
That being said.....Melanie. OK, whatever. We need some other drama. Dang, we haven't had some good backstage drama in ages. Where's Chappell or Kola Boof? DRAMA. We need some DRAMA! Did Farah whatsit have a meltdown lately?

Molly Burnett Returning to Days of our Lives?
Well, maybe she'll play against Jeannie Theresa, and they can babytalk each other to death.

Spoilers for the week of June 2nd
They couldn't even do a good PTSD story for Nick or Jack. Why would they do it for Gabi?

SOD: Nicole's secret exposed
May 23 2014, 03:27 PM
May 23 2014, 03:06 PM
I can't even spin a happy ending for this.
I can Eric has to realise that the reason he chose to be with Nicole is not because he couldn't be a priest that's what he told himself and his family to ok it. If he sees the reason he chose to be with Nicole is that he loves her, then Eric is halfway there. He then has to see he already mowed her down in a nasty way for something she didn't do, this is just something she did. She wasn't trying to hurt him, she was trying not to lose him.

Now that won't put them back together but it will start them down the path.

Next, Something happens concerning her, she goes down a dark path, she ends up preggy, she turns to someone else, and this turns Eric's head, or all three and boom bang boom they kiss.

Their passion erupts and he sees what he really wants is to be with her, they slow down, slow burn, and we're off again.
Nope. Not a plausible happy ending after all this, especially if Daniel is involved. Too much water under the bridge.

SOD: Nicole's secret exposed
I can't even spin a happy ending for this.

Friday, May 23rd Daily Discussion
I think I'm going to see what reruns are on USA right now......Or Storage Wars. Or Shipping Wars. And I hate cable reality. This really sucks.

Friday, May 23rd Daily Discussion
May 23 2014, 09:57 AM
May 23 2014, 09:25 AM
That book is terrible, by the way. Saw it at my library and couldn't resist checking it out. You think AS is annoying in interviews - try spending a few hundred pages with her telling you how awesome she thinks she is.

(And in my defense, I want to write a book set at a soap opera and so this was technically research. Although I spent so much time rolling my eyes I'm not sure I got much out of it.)
LOL Sariah, that must have been torture to read!
Sometimes research is NOT pretty.

Monday, May 19th Daily Discussion
May 19 2014, 03:28 PM
May 19 2014, 03:23 PM
May 19 2014, 01:48 PM
The evidence crap was stupid and uncalled for, but today's scenes were great! Nicole tried to tell him the truth, but Eric was just saying all the right things and doing the right things....can't blame the poor girl for that! He was ALL OVER HER!

No couple on this show right now isn't tainted so why such a fuss about Ericole? They are not perfect, and I never expected them to be. So, if this was all to just get Nicole pregnant and Eric be the Father...bring it!!!

This problem is they are ruining Nicole. She has always been one of my favorites and I don't like her very much right now. I normally root for her even when she is in the wrong, but this time is different. They were building up a really good story and totally ruined it. Not only does Nicole irritate me now, but Eric has been a total bore. He was more interesting when he was a priest. They need to fix this crap!

And maybe this next arc will be better, because there is no way it could be any worse! I hate what they did to Nicole as well, but it's not like they can rewrite it now. Just have to move forward and pray it's gets better!
Once burned, twice shy. I can't even get myself to get excited over the pictures. Anytime the writing does improve, there is a history of that "improvement" being inconsistent. It's going to take an awful lot for me to trust them. I can enjoy individual, sporadic opportunities, but since I really like character development and not plot devices, I can't get myself to enjoy this. I don't even think AZ's acting is up to par like it was. VERY disappointed.

Spoilers for the week of May 26th
Desperate and Nicole in the same sentence. *sigh* I'm running out of favorites I can support with this and with Nick gone. Julie better stay!

SOD: James Scott off Days
May 18 2014, 12:35 AM
The Scorpion
May 17 2014, 11:50 PM
S loves EJ
May 17 2014, 03:31 AM
May 16 2014, 05:16 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep

I agree on just because Sami wasnīt a mobwife material before EJ came to town doesnīt mean she canīt become one with the right writing. I think Sami having a bad side is a good start and if she met her dream man and he happend to be a mobster I could have seen her fighting her feelings for him but ultimately her feelings for him being to strong to deny so she decideds to be with him. I think it would have been interesting if Ejami wanted to be together but their different livesstyles kept tem apart and I think that would have been an interesting direction for the character. While I have liked Lumi a little bit I also agree on that I didnīt think she was in character with him they turned her into a good character.

May 16 2014, 05:40 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepwasn't their fault but Stefano

I donīt think EJ is worse than Stefano because I think he has more of a conscience and are redeemable. They have written EJ in different version though maybe the worse version is like Stefano but the version that he mostly been and therefore I consider the true version who is inlove with Samantha is not. Still what I meant to say is that Sami shouldnīt judge EJ for being a Dimera and Stefanoīs son but for his own actions now EJ has done enough on his own for her not to trust him, but I think if Ejami gets a happy ending it will be written as the Ejabby affair was just a mistake to EJ and that he is inlove with Sami, and I believe she can trust in him not cheating on her again since he is going to do everything to keep them together, and proove to her she is the woman he wants. He also changed in the way that he is at least better than before so I donīt see him hurting her again.

May 16 2014, 06:10 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep

We donīt know which fanbase is the biggest but Ejami do have at least a rather large fanbase who has spent years rooting for them. I never said Lumi fans are not more deserving I donīt think anyone is more deserving than the other.
I think it is so simple that EJ came for Sami or rather was was created for Sami.lol and he leaving with this woman, but who knows :)
Idk if they'll leave together or not, though I tend to think they will, but how they leave isn't going to be at all relevant to how EJ was brought in or why he was brought in (which I think is different from what you think). There've been so many writing regimes and production changes since the character was introduced that one thing has nothing to do with the other.
THANK YOU. I don't even know why people try to argue the personalities of these characters when nothing is consistent. They don't HAVE thought processes. If the writing was character driven, with semi-consistent writers,it would be one thing. But they haven't. And all we have is what we have been "told". If we are "told" how these characters are supposed to be feeling or what they believe, then actors and writers are not doing their jobs. And all we can do is judge on what we like and frankly, what we HOPE is what is supposed to be believed, or our reaction to the dialogue and the acting. And often, I've seen what is "told" to us is not what is coming across to me on the screen.
Same thing with the Nick arguments.
I had always chosen to believe that EJ and Sami are just not consistent. Because that's what I see.

Spoilers for the week of May 26th
May 15 2014, 10:23 AM
May 15 2014, 10:11 AM
May 15 2014, 09:34 AM
May 15 2014, 09:27 AM
Ugh...this is the week I am been dreading :shame: They are about to crucify Nicole at the stake, and I am 100% not ready to hear everyone slamming Nicole. Eric better stand up and be a man....protect her....and forgive her :soapbox:
I'm not sure why he would have to forgive Nicole (or even protect her from the fallout from a problem of her own making) in order to "be a man". :shrug:
It is partially his fault Nicole did what she did. She asked him several times if there was evidence to clear him, would he still choose her over the church. Not to mention, he did accuse her of rape, and she forgave him. It's time for Eric to not fall into the trap of being like his hypocritical family ready to sit there and bash Nicole. If he really loves her, then he will talk it out in private with her and keep others out. Standing around and allowing people to degrade the woman you love does not show love!!!
Whether he was going to choose her or the church ,it was not Nicole' s decision to make. Her motives were selfish. Now she finds hwrself deep in this mess because she told one lie after another to save he r own butt. Maybe she should move on if she can' t handle being honest.
Damn, I hate agreeing on this, but I do. The possibilities.......If only Nicole had turned it over, we could have had beautiful angst with Eric trying to decide between the church and Nicole...

Blake Berris interview w Michael Fairman
May 13 2014, 11:45 PM
Berris had the ability and the acting chops to infuse Nick with so many nuances, and he delivered in scenes again, and again, and again. We pitied Nick, despised Nick, and felt sorry for Nick all rolled into one, and to make an audience feel that is no easy task, my friends.


SOD: Who killed Nick?
Mean, Mean, Mean!
May 13 2014, 10:11 AM
I agreed when people said (somewhere, maybe not this thread) that it would be lame if it was Gabi since we know she is leaving, but, after the way Julie had so much hate for everyone else, but showed huge compassion to Gabi saying "He loved you.." ect, i think it would be interesting.

On a slightly related note, I love that we're seeing more of Julie, but WHERE IS DOUG?!
Doug who? :sarcasm:

Social Media Posts, Week of May 12
Never mind. The question about why Blake would dare tweet when he wasn't on the show anymore has been covered. ;)