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SOD: Two Rafes Exposed!
I'll have to be with the whole "Nicole gets crapped on" wagon. BUT, thank goodness there's a fabulous actress to keep her interesting!

SOD: Interview with Crystal Chappell on her exit
Jun 28 2011, 02:29 PM
Sweet God in heaven, will this never end? The debate had finally ended and this thread had not been posted in for 4 days and now it's been bumped. Why?
I don't know, Kenny, but I'm sure over it.

Photo of "special" 4th of July episode
Now, True Grit was an AWESOME movie (and I mean the remake). I'm intrigued with this. I'm not going to bash it until I've seen it, then I'll judge. Although, I doubt Molly Burnett can even touch the awesomeness of Hailee Steinfeld. That little girl was golden, and tons better than Kim Darby. And, True Grit IS already a classic, at least, the John Wayne version.
Black Swan sounds too creepy for words, but I'm still intrigued.

Spoilers for the week of July 4th
Jun 25 2011, 02:54 PM
Nothing says Must See TV like a "spoiler" stating..."Because it's raining out, Will watches a movie". Really? How thrilling
Hey, maybe it was Brokeback Mountain.

SOD: Axed DAYS Star Staying Put! (Bren Foster)
I'm going to wait and see. They may have a new twist we don't see. It just gets too exhausting to be an alarmist and depressed, LOL.

New Days of Our Lives Survey
I haven't watched Sonny's debut, but I put him anyway, based on the opinions here. Otherwise, I couldn't put a favorite new character!
Taylor, definitely, is my least favorite new character.

Interesting/spoilerish tweets, week of 6/20
I just get a funny feeling, reading these, that CC is acting like a martyr, telling her friends to stay brave and true to the cause while she gets cast off to the lions or something. Christian's tweet reads like a eulogy!

Spoilers for wk of June 27th
Jun 24 2011, 05:56 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:52 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:29 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:24 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep

:fp2: Not even going there...again.
Almost makes you scared to make any comment with EJ's name in it, doesn't it? Oy, veh.
yes, I'm sure it's intimidating to post about EJ here, lol.
Only if we're tired of the never-ending battles. OK, I'm done here. Except to say I want EJ and Brady to take their shirts off.

Spoilers for wk of June 27th
Jun 24 2011, 05:29 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:24 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:22 PM
Jun 24 2011, 05:16 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I don't see it like that at all. I just see Ej being thrown under the bus to prop Rami. I'd be all for them having a separate storyline though.
EJ's been getting everything he wants, lol.

There hasn't been SAFE romance, not because it's not a good pairing, but because it's always sullied by something EJ-focused.

I agree, separate them. But whatever they do, less EJ. good grief, I'm sick of seeing him. I'd rather see Melanie, and that's saying a lot.

:fp2: Not even going there...again.
Almost makes you scared to make any comment with EJ's name in it, doesn't it? Oy, veh.

New Days of Our Lives Survey
I love these surveys. Hopefully, someone actually heeds them :-)

SOD: Interview with Crystal Chappell on her exit
Did anyone win yet?

Weekly Discussion 6/20-6/24
Jun 23 2011, 06:40 PM
james scott doesn't look younger though, lol. He's aging faster than I would have thought he should
What's wrong with looking older? :shrug:

Spoilers for wk of June 27th
Jun 21 2011, 03:24 AM
Id like to add that its AWESOME to see some of our more silent Safe fans.. Because I know for fact we are here.. I think its ESPECIALLY important now that we know the "NEW Writers "
are following this site on Twitter, So we never know if or when they stop in..So We all need to voice our support, represent, and show love for our couple..
We dont have to engage in the verbal sparring or fanwars.. But if we can just post how much we love them, and are rooting for them, and remark on how we love their scenes, and even give reasons WHY..that will help.. It will also likely draw out some who will refute it.. But thats ok cuz everyone is allowed to like or hate who they want.. But its important that we make our voice just as heard as opposing fanbases even if its not as... well.... competitive !!!!

Besides , it makes the site more interesting and less intimidating to have varied fangroups.

So those of you just lurking to stay out of the fray, dont be afraid to come out and show your fanship and your love for your favorite couple, be it Safe, Lumi, Ejami,Ejole, Briole, Jarlena, Jack and Jen,Dannifer, Bope, Magic, Skate, Chabby.. Heck even ummm.... Vickoline/Carocter (lol) ..
Whoever :cheer: :wub: :cheer: :wub: :thumbsup: :grouphug:
Does work both ways. ;)

BRING BACK EUGENE!!!! (Oh, and if you can find a way to save Ejole, that would be awesome. Bringing Lucas back would be awesome, too)

Days Emmy interviews
I'm feeling very schizoid trying to keep up with these two topics: The usual EJamafe stuff. Sorry, that feels one radio station trying to hone in on the one I'm listening to! I like the discussion about the actors, though!
And I will second, third, fourth, or whatever the whole Molly issue. There's just something very off-putting about her. TOO Valley Girl-combined with Squealy Girl-Combined with, I don't know. Little girl trying to get an older guy? I dunno. It's a vibe.

Interesting/spoilerish tweets, week of 6/20
Poor KA:
Yikes .... No shoes where are my shoes ; ( there missing in action .
Yikes ... Just informed they didnt make them to Vegas ; (

On Twitter just now, just as she's supposed to walk the carpet with Peter!

Weekly Discussion 6/13-6/17
AAAAANNNNNDDDD, the argument continues. I say HENDERSON has been on way too much!

Spoilers for wk of June 27th
Jun 18 2011, 09:36 PM

Did Einstein have good taste in clothes? That's not something I've ever heard.
He certainly didn't when it came to hairstyles.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Soap Stars Let Loose at Emmy Nominee Reception
I'm surprised at the ones who are in several pictures. Christian LeBlanc, anyone? And I don't even watch whatever show he's on, but man! Either he's a camera hog or someone REALLLLY likes him.

Crystal and Kristian talk online drama (SOD)
Jun 18 2011, 05:18 PM
Jun 18 2011, 04:58 PM
OMG is this still going on? All we are doing is talking/arguing in circles.
It's still going on because people still keep coming in here and picking the scab off the wound so to speak.

Listen, this is a Days board, and most of us have watched a long time. One thing you can say if you have followed Days fans through the years is that we are a brutally honest and loyal bunch.

None of us wanted to see this go down. I, along with a host of others, watched the initial fallout happen. I watched Cystal's tweets live, and Nelsons bashing as well. The internet is a powerful force. It captures who you are at an exact moment in time, and publishes it literally for the world to see.

I don't like this, but it is what it is. I don't think that night was about fanbases or anything like that.

People use to make mistakes and easily deny or cover based on ignorance, not knowing what was up, or just pleading the 5th. Now, with twitter in our world, it's different. We get to watch people make mistakes, and then they want to go about the cover the normal way (deny, deny, deny), it doesn't work.

It's over. We know what we know and we are dug in. Why rehash now? No one is going to change their mind now, and thats the point of debating, is it not? To change one's point of view?

It was there for all to see. We all know what happened. If we hadn't seen, and heard about it, I probably would have never believed what I know now. I know who knew what, because I saw it!

CC fans, continue to support her! I think she is a great talent, I really do. But to me, this is as plain as the nose on one's face, and doesn't even deserve this sort of attention anymore. As I said, it is what it is, you can't deny what you took part in and published for all to see. It's over.
Well said.

Crystal and Kristian talk online drama (SOD)
Jun 18 2011, 03:21 PM
I haven't read the comments here, and don't care to b/c I'm sure they will piss me off, but I will post here the comment I made on MF's site for this article.

"I thought this whole situation was ridiculous. Nelson made comments about an actress and somehow that's Crystal's fault? No. NO ONE came to the defense of KA other than her fans that night. Several Days actors followed Nelson and none of them said a word. Why was it on Crystal's head to do so? If KA's fans had a problem with the things Nelson said, then they should have tweeted HIM and ONLY him about it. There was absolutely no reason for them to attack CC for Nelson's words. He didn't even mention her.

Those fans, not Crystal or even Nelson, but those fans were the ones displaying the most disgusting behavior that night. They got upset that their fave actress was being attacked so they decided to attack another actress in response. That was just so wrong. They did tweet other actors (and even Peter Reckell's wife) about it, but the attack was all on CC. And, really, how did you expect Crystal to react? She has over 26,000 followers & follows 100+ ppl. Do you really think she sees everything? There's no way, especially not when she was tweeting from her phone. So on that night when her mentions just suddenly started blowing up, all she saw was an attack on her and she didn't know why. That's so unfair. The attack on Crystal was 10 times worse than Nelson's attack on KA that night, but yet KA is the victim. So CC responding to her attackers makes her the bad guy? Absolutely not. I do not agree with that at all. I saw the tweets being sent to her. They were VILE and she did not deserve it. And anyone who decided they are no longer her fans after that night weren't really fans to begin with. Her real fans are standing by her right now. She can focus on our love and forget the haters!"

Furthermore, it's really unfortunate that KA's fans once again get so defensive and go on the attack when the comment about her weight is made. It's happened several times already. IF she really is anorexic (and I know she tweets about the food she eats, but if Nelson's past blind item about an anorexic actress who pretends to eat was referring to her...), her fans should want her to get help and not always take that as someone making fun of her. Just stating that someone is anorexic is not making fun. Eating disorders are very serious. People die because of that. Crystal used to be anorexic and I thank God that she got the help she needed and hope she never returns to that state of mind. God forbid something happens to Kristian. Then her fans would all wish they were more concerned for her health and less concerned about people's comments. So IF that rumor is true, I really hope she overcomes it. Not just for her health, but I thought she was really cute back in the day when she was a little heavier.
OK, let's say for a minute Nelson made a comment about Crystal's eyes or her forehead. And for the record, there were several people that I know of that don't consider themselves part of the KA fanbase that did make comments about how cruddy the whole situation was. not to mention CRYSTAL fans who were embarrassed and not happy with her behavior.
So, seriously, can you honestly say that you wouldn't be upset, especially if Kristian jumped in the fray?
By the way, can you make a little video like the one done here to prove that the attack on Crystal by KA fans was worse? Is there a way you can prove there are hoards of KA fans swarming around like giant locusts ready to pounce?
Why do I even try? :drunk: