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DAYS: Weekly Discussion
EJ and Sami weren't bad today. Neither were Lucas and Sami. And more power to Lucas! In a town where experience doesn't mean much, why should folks be making this such a big deal?
I REALLY don't like the mayor. I can't wait til he meets the Grim Reaper.

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Sep 30 2008, 07:59 PM
Sep 30 2008, 07:57 PM
Ditto to those who panic every time a man and woman "not normally" together are shown together. It puts people in panic mode. Geez, just relax folks and throw a fit IF she puts them together!
I have a question to all of you, do you have any idea or the purpose of Stephano proposing to Kate?
Last we heard, it was to produce worthy heirs or something like that. Seems like that got dropped like a hot potato.

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Ditto to those who panic every time a man and woman "not normally" together are shown together. It puts people in panic mode. Geez, just relax folks and throw a fit IF she puts them together!

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Sep 30 2008, 07:05 PM
I know ages on this show are bullshit, but Philip is NOT in his early 30's. He's in his mid 20's at best. I wouldn't put him at older than 28.

I think they SORASED him, because they celebrated their class reunion (ASSUMING it was 10 year) when Shawn and Belle were still around. It's when Chloe first came back, so that would put him at least at 28. JKJ is around 30 (yeah, I know, doesn't mean anything).

Soap Stars Photo Shoot to Help Stop AIDS
Sep 30 2008, 08:09 AM
It's about time we get back to fighting AIDS.
All we ever see and hear now is cancer, cancer, cancer.
Celebrity cancer causes is soooo last season.

Why should ANY disease cause be 'so last year' until the cure is found? Maybe you can call the Black Plague "so last millennium" if you want, but to hint a disease cause is not the Event of the Year is pretty sad.
This is pretty sad. People should be out raising money to help others, not because it's the 'in' thing to do.

Daytime For Obama Chat
Q Steph
Sep 30 2008, 02:20 PM
It's Nancy's choice to "preach" about abortion rights. Her stance shouldn't be held against her character nor should Hunter Tylo's opposition be used as a measure to venerate or classify her as a McCain supporter. There are some pro-choice Republicans and vise versa.

In any event, I do hope it's a legitimate chat and not muddled by fangurls. However, this election has generated a lot of interest. I think the majority can delienate between the actor, character and not rest votes on those persusaions.
Exactly. I get very nervous when folks start spouting "one issue" as the deciding factor on who's on what side, especially about abortion. Yes, it's an important issue, but I don't perceive it as a deciding factor as to which leader is the best. It would be sad and scary if this was the litmus test. What is more important is the economy, health care, education, Social Security...you know, the stuff that affects probably 85% of the population?

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Sep 30 2008, 02:58 AM
Bryan's was but for some reason seeing SN with long hair never bothers me. It just seems to suit him, no matter how long it gets. Tomorrow you can tell it was trimmed but it's not trimmed that much, which is good IMO because I like long hair on him. Bryan is back to where he was basically only it isn't so short that he has that spiked hair look going for him. He still has it layered but it's not long in the back at all and the front was trimmed alot.
Actually, Bryan's hair didn't bother me.

Daytime For Obama Chat
I agree with Kitty. I hope this is taken seriously. Now, celebrities have as much a right as anyone to support their candidate, but I don't want people voting for someone BECAUSE a celebrity supports that candidate, and I don't want celebrities using their fame to throw it out that their position is right and everyone else's is wrong. And this is coming from someone who will probably vote for Obama. It smacks of that whole "Obama is a Britney celebrity" jive that should really be avoided. AND, if some of these celebrities are doing this just to promote themselves rather than Obama, I'll really be pissed. And yes, I have some favorite actors listed there. Hopefully, this will be archived so I can hear it later when I can listen with an open mind and still think well of these actors once it's done. Yeah, I'm petty that way. :P

And, in all fairness, is there a "Daytime for McCain", or is that verboten? It just seems the status quo is that, if you're not a Democrat in entertainment land, you're not much of anything. I know there are a few brave souls who will back up Republicans (and of course, an entertainer IS the governor), but by and large, it seems the most vocal ones back the Democrats.

I just want folks to vote from an education viewpoint, not from a "bandwagon" viewpoint, based on a one or two minor platforms that won't impact the majority of the United States. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

The Nelson Ratings OLTL Marty/Todd review
Sep 30 2008, 01:37 AM
Good stuff, Nelson.

Couldn't agree more on the OLTL stuff. I'm very much down on the show so I can't agree on you putting them in your top 3 to watch but things are moving on the show so I can understand it.

Night Shift is amazing right now and so is Y&R. I'm even starting to like GH SOMEWHAT again, which is a miracle in and of itself LOL.
Now, Tim, I'll have to disagree with you AND Nelson on the Todd/Marty stuff. It's icky, but I really think it needs to play out. (Come ON, Tim. You gotta let this play out like you do Days. :D )IF they do the horizontal mambo, then I'll jump on this bandwagon, but right now, I think it's a weird study in psychology, and like a car wreck, I'm morbidly curious to see how this pans out.
My biggest problem with it? It was getting damn boring. Now, I like a good piano lesson as much as anyone (uh, it helps me put my kid through college!), but the nightgown and banter and sugarcoated Marty didn't do much for me. I think slowly, now that she's getting a little snark and rebelliousness to her, it's getting better. This is nothing like the Sami/EJ situation. Whether you consider Sami's first, er, "encounter" with EJ rape or blackmail...Sami hitched up with him later knowing FULL well what had happened. Plus, EJ's face is the same. Todd's face is NOT the same. If this was RH and this was happening, that would add another dynamic, because I'd think in the deep recesses of her mind, this face would spring into recognition because of the sheer terror of the act.

I will agree, though, that I'm sick of Tessica.

I'm very intrigued with the whole Gigi/Rex/Brody storyline and would like to see if they do Brody justice on this and how this will pan out.

So, yes, Nelson, I will have to agree with you that OLTL is slowly turning around again. It hit a bump on the road. That happens with a lot of soaps. I like it when soaps dig into the psyche a little and make you think, just like the Brody thing and the whole "how would Marty react if she had her memory" thing.

I will gladly complain, though, if the RESULTS piss me off! ;)

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Well, since I know that spoilers don't tell the whole story, I'll be watching. THEN I'll complain, LOL.

Desperate Housewives Discussion
The mom with the little girl that they showed in the beginning segment died. Actually, they both did.

Desperate Housewives Discussion
So, i finally get into DH last year from reruns, and i feel hugely confused. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. So, Mike dies in a car wreck?
I feel very disjointed.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Aw, but Rhiannon, they have such nice concrete benches!!! LOL

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Sep 28 2008, 06:21 PM
I want to go on record here. I have been watching Days for 38 years. I was there when Stephano kidnapped the twins, and then again when Sami kidnapped her baby sister and tried to sell her. I was there through all of Sami's escapades, and she was just one more character to me. During the buildup of Will heartbreakenly begging and yearning to be part of a family unit with his mom and dad, I began to be emotionally invested in this. When they went on the Scout camping trip, and the tiger got loose.......then Sami and Lucas made love in the wilderness, I was hooked on their story.

All due to the writers, much angst and blockading ensued. When they finally brought in EJ and that horrid story evolved, I got so angy I feared I would have a stroke. My anger for "ejami" never abated until recently. And that was because they began to pair the loathesome Mr. Scott/Wells with Nicole. All due to the writers again (bless those writers) I am in love with Nicole having EJ as her man.

OK, I have rambled on and not been too clear, I think. I like Sami with Lucas. On her own, I could care less about her. I like Nicole with EJ. On her own, she is just another character, although an entertaining one.

EJ, I could not stand from the day he first appeared in the towel. The actor gives me the creeps. Lucas is a vet, and I am ok with him, just he means not much to me without Sami.

So to all of you who feel bullied by the "ejami" political machine, I am on your side.
I think I might love you. :wub2:

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Sep 28 2008, 03:10 PM
I started out kind of liking Melanie but now I've sort of cooled on her. I'm not sure why, but we'll see how her story goes. If the story were done well I wouldn't mind Chelsea and Nick being together again, or I'd at least like to see a good triangle with Nick genuinely torn between Melanie and Chelsea.

I'm still creeped out by Bo and Hope taking a romantic walk in a cemetery of all places, not to mention bumping into two cops taking their coffee break in that same cemetery. I guess it's necessary to guard these places since the dead keep coming back in Salem. I hope the "Who killed Trent" murder mystery is good. I haven't enjoyed a Days murder mystery since Emma Marshall was killed.
I don't think it was really meant to be a romantic walk. Bo wanted to visit "Pop's" cemetery to "talk" to him about guidance for the whole commissioner thing. That's not unusual for people to visit the graves of the dead when they have serious decisions to make.

Forbes March Headed To DAYS?
They need to make sure the fresh faces have a decent story. They had wonderful talent in Borne and Ashby, but they blew it.
To say that a show doesn't need fresh faces is like saying someone shouldn't move into your town because they're not established.
But I can see what you're saying as far as stories go. Let's give Tomlin/Whitesell a chance, though, to see what stories they might develop. Good grief, there's so much changing of the guard at Days...no wonder they can't develop stories!

New Leann Hunley bio on SOD site
Cool! I love her.............

"...a beloved vet is on the bubble. "
Sep 28 2008, 04:45 PM
Sep 28 2008, 04:08 PM
Sep 28 2008, 03:54 PM
Sep 28 2008, 03:38 PM
Based on that interview from SOD, it looks like they might be testing him in that storyline again soon. We'll see.
What Storyline ... What did SOD say to lead you to believe that Bryan is being tested again?
The EJ/Sami/Nicole sl. Because Lucas is going to be there with Sami in the hospital, and the two of them are supposed to bond in some way over Sami's latest pregnancy. Maybe the restoration of their friendship is a way to close the door on lumi, and push Lucas out of Sami's orbit for good, or it could be a set up to have Sami spend more time leaning on Lucas while keeping the pregnancy a secret from EJ. Who knows which direction DH will take.
Give how the ratings don't respond well to any form of EJamicus, one wouldn't think Days would stay there after all the effort they've made to move beyond it but then again, this is Days and they never seem to learn and just like to make the same mistakes over and over again from one HW to the next.
I'm going to wait and see what they do with these baby stories before assuming anything.
By the way, I thought they took the "bubble" out?

DAYS Fans, Please help!
Yup, Mason, that pretty well sums it up!
King, maybe you ought to check out Prevuze. They archive their funny little articles. They spoof the episodes, but those are still pretty good summaries. Also, favorite-moments.net should have clips.

I guess it makes sense, though. It is the last season. To have characters go gradually........
Wow, i just noticed this banner. Full episodes of Emergency on NBC.com? I loved emergency!!