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Soap Stars Photo Shoot to Help Stop AIDS
Sep 30 2008, 08:09 AM
It's about time we get back to fighting AIDS.
All we ever see and hear now is cancer, cancer, cancer.
Celebrity cancer causes is soooo last season.

Why should ANY disease cause be 'so last year' until the cure is found? Maybe you can call the Black Plague "so last millennium" if you want, but to hint a disease cause is not the Event of the Year is pretty sad.
This is pretty sad. People should be out raising money to help others, not because it's the 'in' thing to do.

Daytime For Obama Chat
Q Steph
Sep 30 2008, 02:20 PM
It's Nancy's choice to "preach" about abortion rights. Her stance shouldn't be held against her character nor should Hunter Tylo's opposition be used as a measure to venerate or classify her as a McCain supporter. There are some pro-choice Republicans and vise versa.

In any event, I do hope it's a legitimate chat and not muddled by fangurls. However, this election has generated a lot of interest. I think the majority can delienate between the actor, character and not rest votes on those persusaions.
Exactly. I get very nervous when folks start spouting "one issue" as the deciding factor on who's on what side, especially about abortion. Yes, it's an important issue, but I don't perceive it as a deciding factor as to which leader is the best. It would be sad and scary if this was the litmus test. What is more important is the economy, health care, education, Social Security...you know, the stuff that affects probably 85% of the population?

Daytime For Obama Chat
I agree with Kitty. I hope this is taken seriously. Now, celebrities have as much a right as anyone to support their candidate, but I don't want people voting for someone BECAUSE a celebrity supports that candidate, and I don't want celebrities using their fame to throw it out that their position is right and everyone else's is wrong. And this is coming from someone who will probably vote for Obama. It smacks of that whole "Obama is a Britney celebrity" jive that should really be avoided. AND, if some of these celebrities are doing this just to promote themselves rather than Obama, I'll really be pissed. And yes, I have some favorite actors listed there. Hopefully, this will be archived so I can hear it later when I can listen with an open mind and still think well of these actors once it's done. Yeah, I'm petty that way. :P

And, in all fairness, is there a "Daytime for McCain", or is that verboten? It just seems the status quo is that, if you're not a Democrat in entertainment land, you're not much of anything. I know there are a few brave souls who will back up Republicans (and of course, an entertainer IS the governor), but by and large, it seems the most vocal ones back the Democrats.

I just want folks to vote from an education viewpoint, not from a "bandwagon" viewpoint, based on a one or two minor platforms that won't impact the majority of the United States. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

The Nelson Ratings OLTL Marty/Todd review
Sep 30 2008, 01:37 AM
Good stuff, Nelson.

Couldn't agree more on the OLTL stuff. I'm very much down on the show so I can't agree on you putting them in your top 3 to watch but things are moving on the show so I can understand it.

Night Shift is amazing right now and so is Y&R. I'm even starting to like GH SOMEWHAT again, which is a miracle in and of itself LOL.
Now, Tim, I'll have to disagree with you AND Nelson on the Todd/Marty stuff. It's icky, but I really think it needs to play out. (Come ON, Tim. You gotta let this play out like you do Days. :D )IF they do the horizontal mambo, then I'll jump on this bandwagon, but right now, I think it's a weird study in psychology, and like a car wreck, I'm morbidly curious to see how this pans out.
My biggest problem with it? It was getting damn boring. Now, I like a good piano lesson as much as anyone (uh, it helps me put my kid through college!), but the nightgown and banter and sugarcoated Marty didn't do much for me. I think slowly, now that she's getting a little snark and rebelliousness to her, it's getting better. This is nothing like the Sami/EJ situation. Whether you consider Sami's first, er, "encounter" with EJ rape or blackmail...Sami hitched up with him later knowing FULL well what had happened. Plus, EJ's face is the same. Todd's face is NOT the same. If this was RH and this was happening, that would add another dynamic, because I'd think in the deep recesses of her mind, this face would spring into recognition because of the sheer terror of the act.

I will agree, though, that I'm sick of Tessica.

I'm very intrigued with the whole Gigi/Rex/Brody storyline and would like to see if they do Brody justice on this and how this will pan out.

So, yes, Nelson, I will have to agree with you that OLTL is slowly turning around again. It hit a bump on the road. That happens with a lot of soaps. I like it when soaps dig into the psyche a little and make you think, just like the Brody thing and the whole "how would Marty react if she had her memory" thing.

I will gladly complain, though, if the RESULTS piss me off! ;)

OLTL: Slezak Returns October 13
YAY! Hurry, October 13!!! I miss her.

Nellie Ratings Top Lists for the Week
Sep 15 2008, 01:12 PM
I know I say this almost every week, but I really think OLTL is getting better. The Tess/Natalie story is awesome, and the Rex/Gigi/Shane story has gotten pretty good too.
I agree, Mason. The tide is turning on this. So, respectfully, Nelson, I must disagree about OLTL. I will say the Todd/Marty thing is squicking me out, but like a car wreck. I watch through my fingers.
LOVE the Dorian/Langston story! And, I will agree with you about A Martinez. The rest, well...............It's all an opinion.
By the way, my 87 year old mother's name is Nellie. :D She'd be honored. :P

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 14 2008, 11:28 AM
Hey, it's the nature of the business. Next fall in TV Guide's fall preview, we might be reading about this show where Kristen is one of the big stars and she'll break out in Hollywood. Happens a lot with actors who get fired from soaps.

Now Charity on the other hand.... naaaaaaaaa. :)
In all honesty, it could happen. She might be so pissed at her firing that she'll bone up even more with acting coaches and kick wild ass. I hope it does. I always love the stories of folks who pull themselves up by their bootstraps after getting kicked in the ass and mocked. I'm sorry. It's people's opinions, but damn. The girl just got started. I don't care if it is the business or not. A good criticism is balanced, and I'm seeing some here that just aren't. I'm going to stop here before I got off on a tangent that will get me into trouble....... :soapbox:

Shoot, it could even happen with Charity and the right acting coaches. Who knows? Course, I never had the pleasure of watching her. Kristen HAD people who have given her kudos, so she's not totally hopeless.

SOD Blind item
I honestly wouldn't care if Susan Haskell left. I guess I needed to see her first stint, but this stint......she's too perky and smiley. Damn, if I was paralyzed and didn't have my memory and someone kept me from the Internet and newspapers, I'd be throwing a tantrum!

TVGC talks to Jay Kenneth Johnson
I've noticed that about JS, too, Tim, and wonder if Ej's frustration isn't just his own.
One other time I felt bad for JKJ: He was at a women's convention I attended last winter, and I asked him how he would have felt about a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder storyline for Philip. It would have made Shelligan's Island that more palatable. He said he really would have liked that. He was kind of vague, but I think he wanted us to understand that's what they were enticing him with to return to begin with...a nice meaty storyline like that. Of course, it never materialized. So, Philip was BSC with no real foundation. But, he's so diplomatic.
He also made sure we knew that he and Brad Pitt were never in school at the same time, LOL. I guess he gets that question a lot. Since he went to MSU (formerly SMSU), they also asked him if he ever partied with John Goodman. Uh, i think there are more than a few years separating them....

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 10 2008, 12:23 AM
I ususally don't involve myself in other peoples business. But was it necessary to refer to this young woman as a "twat"???? WTF was that!

And you might think she has no talent, but alot of other people think quite differently.

I don't know if it's any consolation, but I agree with you. I think there are posters a lot harder on her than her whole situation warrants. It was the girl's first role, after all. And, if some think Morgan got elevated quickly, well, I'm not going to judge and wonder why. She's certainly better than a lot Days has seen over the years. Other soaps, for that matter.

Personally, I think she's a better actress than NB. That's my opinion. But, if I called NB (or any other actress I don't care for) a twat, I can just hear the heads explode! Maybe I need to start doing that. Equal opportunity name calling, after all. :D

And, going back to what Tim said posts ago (yeah, I agree with Tim a lot. LOL).....Salem needs new families. The inbreeding is getting horrid. For whatever reason, they messed this up. This started out fine. Morgan was a secondary character. They introduce a father and a story for them. (GEE, sounds just like the Bradys!). Was she to the forefront too soon? I don't think we'll all agree on that. But, they got a very competent actor to play her father. They COULD have done some pretty good things with this dock war. But changing Morgan into a tough-talking chick (which she is now again, thank goodness) to a wishy-washy whiner about Daddy (as if Days needed more whining women) really made her sink for me. I did kinda dislike the accent, but there are many actors who can't keep a consistent or realistic accent.

I think she did fine with what she was given, and I hardly consider her a no-talent. You wanna look at a no-talent? Look at Marcus Patrick. There's your measuring stick right there. (Course, I guess that's ALL a lot of people want to do with him is look at him. :D )

Oh, yeah, and there's the famous Charity Reamer. Rheamer, whatever the hell her name was.

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 8 2008, 12:12 PM
No offence but Rachel Melvin could cure cancer and KFF would still hate her.
Nail.....hit on head........VERY STRONGLY! :D

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 8 2008, 10:51 AM
Sep 5 2008, 03:54 PM
I hope they do not let go for Rachel Melvin. She is a very talented young actress.
Humor me...what exactly is she "talented" at?

Pouting all day, playing tonsil hockey and wearing too much mascara?
do you really want an answer? I'm just thinking your bias against Chelsea in particular will close your mind to anything someone might say. I'm just not sure you're able to separate Rachel the actress from Chelsea the character.
Rachel Melvin has done a great job with what she's been given, as a young actress. Her stuff during the Zach stage wasn't too bad, considering the crap she was given. ( I still have this feeling you wouldn't be this hard on her if Chelsea was Hope's biological daughter).
I didn't personally like her with Dan, but I thought she and Nick had real potential. Yes, she could play the spoiled bitch to the hilt. I used to love to dislike her. (I never really hated her). The scene where she and Hope bonded over the Christmas ornament was one of the most touching I've seen.
I think she also does a good job with the little actor who plays Theo.
Is she making good judgement calls rooting for Chan? I can't say. I totally disagree with her, but then again, I don't know the young lady personally. Most of the time, I think her blogs are pretty cute (although, yeah, I'd like to correct some spelling errors. C'est la Vie.
Of the Emmy nominees, I don't think, across the board, hers came as a huge shock to a lot of posters I've seen on the board.
I honestly don't think she warrants all the venom you spit at her. Just my own personal opinion. I could be dead wrong, but then again, it's an opinion, right? Not fact.

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 8 2008, 06:06 AM
Sep 8 2008, 02:12 AM
Sep 7 2008, 11:16 PM
Sep 7 2008, 11:03 PM
A Philip/Chloe/Lucas triangle doesn't interest me. I'd rather have Lucas out of that storyline and bring back Belle. A Belle/Philip/Chloe storyline would be much better.
Oh, I so agree. Phillip/Belle/Chloe would be entertaining because Jay and Martha have amazing chemistry. The show really made a mistake letting Martha go.
I totally agree, ElvisD. Firing Martha Madison was a HUGE mistake. Martha's Belle and JKJ's Philip had such fantastic chemistry and heat together. Damn it. I miss Phelle. :(
I actually could have enjoyed this version of Phelle (MM/JKJ) if they didn't make Philip this little puppy that was following Belle around all of the time begging her to leave Shawn the same what Shawn followed Belle around begging her to leave Philip. The guys were both made pathetic in their chase of Belle. I think they could have really gone full stalker with Philip which I think JKJ could have pulled off. But unfortunately the way it was written it came off like the sad puppy dog. They needed to destroy Belle instead of the two guys in this and that would have been a good story.
That's why, for years, I didn't like Belle. Her shit never stank, and guys just groveled over her, really, for no good reason. She was condescending to them. I really disliked her during the Shimi years. Yeah, Mimi made a ton of mistakes, but Belle was also chasing a married guy whom she didn't really give two raps for until she saw he was taking up with Mimi.
It wasn't until her Philip affair and HOPE called her out that I started liking her. Belle was written to have made mistakes and getting called on those mistakes. Of course, Shawn took her back. :huh: But, it was a start.

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 8 2008, 01:50 AM
The mistake Dena made was she took a supporting character and begins building her up too quick. Her airtime was fine but the character was changing too fast and the issue is she is not connected to a core family so you have to be careful. It was just too much for the audience to deal with. I don't think that is why she was fired though. I think this is more or less for other reasons not related to her talent or the story. I do think some fans played a role in this (maybe the Phloe fans, for instance) but I think this was more about perhaps something the actress did. It's happening all too quick for it to be story-dictated or due to a change in direction.
Tim, you've made some excellent comments. I'm just sorry that so many people consider the younger group untalented. Good grief. For a few of them, it's their first role. People aren't just born with experience. I'd stack their talent up any day against several soap actors who have been around a while.
I know it's a matter of opinion, but it's sad when they get slammed so publicly. KR did have her fans and people rooting for her.
I totally agree with you about Belle. That's a thought I've had for months about the dock wars. The angst of her being torn between the dad-who-isn't-her-dad-mentally and her ex-husband/current lover. MM would have kicked ass with that.

DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
Sep 4 2008, 03:18 PM
Sep 4 2008, 03:02 PM
Chloe/ Nadia is not that popular... Same goes for Air and Nicole.
Well I have a source which confirms Nadia's and Ari's popularity with the fans.

The fact is that they are MUCH more popular than the sorority set they have on right now: Max, Stephanie, Morgan, Chelsea, Nick.
This sounds soo much like
"I gotta source and you can't see it. Nanananabooboo" :huh: