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Y&R: Spoilers for the week of December 3rd
Nov 21 2012, 08:28 PM
NE Spoilers wk of 12/3

There are unexpected arrivals at Nikki and Victor's housewarming party

Nick and Phyllis put aside their differences for Summer's sake

Fen becomes more antagonistic towards Jamie

Adam and Sharon say good-bye

Jack's pill popping induced mood swings cause problems at work with his colleagues

Courtesy Meghan @ Telboards

Additional spoilers for week of 12/3/2012 via SOD

Monday 12/3 Billy makes a promise to Victoria

Tuesday 12/4 Fen's animosity to Jamie increases

Wed. 12/5 Jack's colleagues get the brunt of his pill induced mood swings

Thurs. 12/6 Unexpected guests arrive at Nikki and Victor's house warming party

Friday 12/7 Someone comes to town looking for Noah


Daily Spoilers wk of 12/3

12/3, Adam and Sharon say an emotional goodbye; Chelsea thinks about telling Nikki the truth.

12/4, Leslie tries to soften up Neil; Nick and Phyllis are united by Summer's troubles.

12/5, Victor and Nikki decide to celebrate their new abode; Jack's co-workers are troubled by his addiction.

12/6, Nikki and Victor are faced with uninvited guests; Billy plans a surprise.

12/7, Adam tries to calm Sharon; Jack's descent continues.

Alex, the cop, finally makes his debut on 12/7. He's the one who comes looking for Noah. I don't understand why we didn't meet his sister Adriana first though. It would've made more sense that way since she sent Noah that large amount of money a few weeks ago. They should've done some follow-up with that before Alex arrived.

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of November 12th
Nov 11 2012, 10:56 PM
Soon as I saw the cop Alex casting, I knew Ronan was a goner. With 3 new guys coming, some actor was bound to get fired. There would be too many men otherwise. Ronan looks pathetic these days. I can't take him seriously working cases and its clear JG prefers Phack and Phyllis acting a fool over Navery.
With or without JB, there are still going to be too many men. Three new guys coming and one who I thought had already left, is staying. For some reason, unfortunately, I forsee Carmine becoming a bed warmer at some point for Phyllis. He fits because she seems to prefer the younger boys and he has the potential to be sleazy. Perhaps the two new black guys will fight over Lily, but where does that leave Lily's husband, Cane? Maybe Cane starts moving towards Chelsea as Adam moves closer to Sharon? I don't know! Going back to the two black guys fighting over Lily: Only one of them can win her over, so where would that leave the other one? And then there's our new cop, Alex, speculated at first to possibly be Noah's secret NY boy toy, Noah is now making mentions of the continued faceless "Adriana." So it appears that at least a couple of these guys are going to be womanless.