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Y&R: Talking About a Bad Girl (Adriana Teasers)
I say she's making it sound better than it's going to be. I hope Noah responds to her charms because I've not gotten the impression so far, that Noah's "wick" can be lit. :ig: :mutley:

Y&R: Alex Recognizes Carmine!
Sounds like a mob money caper in the making. Kevin and Chloe are supposed to become involved in it, and now Carmine as well. It seems like Alex was delighted to hear from Carmine that Noah has a quick temper. I'd guess that Alex hates Noah, but why, and how? I thought they just met for the first time when Alex went to see him at the tack house last week. :shrug:

Genoa City's New Sleuth: Uncovering the Truth
Sammie Jo
Dec 1 2012, 12:18 PM
Dec 1 2012, 12:15 PM
LOL...so he will be the new Ronan?
should we start a pool, who he's going to sleep with first?
Chloe (if she dumps Kevin)
I vote none of the above, and I REALLY hope he stays away from the first two. Sharon is supposed to be re-uniting with some past love (probably Nick or Adam), while Phyllis will be busy the next few months in Kyle's orbit. As for Chloe, I'm wondering if she hooks up with bad boy Carmine at some point. Sure, he tried to kidnap her but what does that matter? :lol: