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American Idol: Season 11
I like that cute Joshua Ledet kid a lot. I just wish that someone was near him to advise him that he doesn't need to scream and growl needlessly through songs. I think his voice is naturally rich in tone without all of that. And I think he's really good with uptempo type songs. His performance of "Runaway Baby" showed that. But I liked his slow performance of "Ready For Love" also, it sounded like the kind of song to play while you're "getting your freak on" :sex4: so to speak. :chee:

SOD: Days Hires New Actor
This just feels like what they could've and should've already done with Tyler, who was both cute and fun. Really, this is the deadest gay story ever as evidenced by Will and Sonny being almost MIA and getting nowhere fast. Rest assured, MarDar didn't do anything substantive with this and Tomlin/Whitesell won't either. Ken Corday's wrath will see to that. They are stringing the audience along with this and doing it quite well.

SOD: Will tells Gabi he's gay!
Of all the people having a bit of a heated reaction to Will's news, it should've been Gabi. For me, it's further proof that nothing really exciting is going to come from this story.

Huge Exits! / Return Rumors?
Apr 10 2012, 03:03 PM
Didn't like that article at all. Major firings coming and it sounds like the gay story of Will and Sonny is gonna be run out the door. I don't see any reason to watch anymore. This is going to get even worse that it is now.
The gay storyline is easily TOAST! I mean, you could argue that Tomlin, Whitesell, and company could continue writing something for it but I can also see them saying why bother? MarDar didn't do a whole lot with it so they can just drop it and focus on creating new stories.

SOD: Chad and Melanie make love

SOD: Chad and Melanie make love
I actually think Chad and Melanie are toast when the new/old writers take over. I think it's inevitable that some characters are going to be dumped, and if these writers are smart, they will place Chad and Melanie at the top of the "dumpee" list.

SOD: Chad and Melanie make love
Apr 4 2012, 11:11 PM
Chad and Melanie are so boring together.

Where is Nathan Horton?
Or even Dario for that matter. I cannot stand Melanie but I found her slightly tolerable when she was with Dario.

SOD: Chad and Melanie make love
Apr 5 2012, 10:58 AM
What an anti-climactic non-event. I'm also surprised that it warranted any ink in a magazine. Who cares if they do it? What are the stakes? What obstacles have they had to overcome to reach this point? Why does any of it matter?

You've asked 4 very key questions and it's a shame that MarDar obviously had no answers to any of them.

Updated: Marlene/Darrell out, Tomlin/Whitesell in as writers!
Tomlin and Whitesell are going to produce "CHILL" just watch. The "CHILL" friendship happened during their first run and it'll happen again with bigger results. :sex4: