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Freddie Smith joins cast of Days of Our Lives
May 12 2011, 03:34 PM
Am I the only one not entirely convinced yet that Will is going to end up being gay in this storyline? I'm wondering if the story will be written in a way that people start to suspect that he's gay (when he's actually not), and serious drama ensues for whatever reason (maybe he has to play along for some plot purpose like an alibi). All I've heard confirmed is that Days is going to do a gay storyline with Will's character. I think that's open to interpretation. I've yet to hear any confirmation that Will is gay. Unless I've missed something...
I hadn't thought of this, but I just assumed they were talking about Will. Could the "chosen one" really be Chad? And the new guy is being brought on for HIM instead of Will? OMG! I can see the scenario of Will having to cover for his buddy Chad in some way so that the mighty DiMera's don't find out that Chad is really into dudes.

Freddie Smith joins cast of Days of Our Lives
The only way I will like this is if it's used as a stepping-stone to CHILL. Honestly, I don't see this working UNLESS it leads to CHILL. Being force fed some alternative couple when CHILL have demonstrated everything that it takes is going to be a major letdown for the fans. Keeping my fingers crossed that Chad displays some jealousy while he watches his buddy Will get hot and heavy with the new guy. I did hear that Chad will figure prominently in Will's storyline, although that could mean almost anything.