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SOD: Molly Burnett leaving!
May 29 2012, 01:36 PM
Not surprised in the least. We've been hearing rumblings of Molly wanting out for awhile now. I do think Casey will exit with her too. If they wind up bringing back Chelsea and have Nick stay on permanently, the show really won't miss anything with her gone in the younger generation age gap. I just hope that Shawn Christian decides to leave as well. Daniel will really have no ties, other than Maggie (whom he never interacts with), on the canvas anymore.
Hmmm......Still not getting the symmetry as to why Casey will or should leave just because Molly is. They may be together in real-life but that doesn't mean they want to be unemployed together in real-life. Casey can still be the one bringing home the bacon while Molly looks into other venues. And Chad has to stick around so he can hang with Will and Sonny more, where he belongs IMO. :cheers:

SOD: Molly Burnett leaving!
Chad has been written terribly for awhile now but I don't really think that Casey (Chad) should go just because Molly (Melanie) is. Chad had something of a life BEFORE getting involved with Melanie and he can have one AFTER she's gone. I think this is good because I think there's more of a chance for Chad without Melanie in the picture. Chad is already scheduled to return to the DiMera clan which he should never have been pulled away from to begin with. But I also think Chad will go sliding back into the mix with his boys Will and Sonny.

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
May 17 2012, 05:28 PM
Oh my god, I've seen people speculating that maybe they're only bringing him back to have Nick escort Melanie out of Salem.

Nooooo... I will be crushed if they go there.
I'm leaning towards this being what happens. Remember, Chad is supposed to give in to Gabi's seduction so I'm sure things between he and Melanie will end because of it. Nick comes back to pick up the pieces whether Melanie leaves or not.

American Idol: Season 11
May 18 2012, 07:51 PM
I don't understand what everybody has against white guys with guitars. Would it be better if he were a black guy with a guitar? I'm just askin'.
As usual, the point of the argument to the WGWG is conveniently missed. It's not that people have a problem with WGWG, it's that they have a problem with the REPETITION of this particular type of contestant. The one they have heading into the finale would equal 5 in a row if he wins. People are looking for a switch on a show that used to operate more on variety than they do now. And sure, a black guy with guitar would be fine but do you honestly think that anyone would tolerate watching 5 of them winning this show in a row? Not a chance in hell!

American Idol: Season 11
May 17 2012, 08:23 PM
If Jessica loses, I think I'm done. I half-jokingly called Phillip the winner from his audition, because he's a white guy of limited vocal range with a guitar. The kind of guy who in olden days would form a band and work their charisma to overcome that limited vocal range.

I don't even think Jessica is all that fantastic (vocally, sure, but charisma...not so sure about that imho), but if it's another white guy with guitar winning and I really can see it from their first oh-so-adorable appearance...there's really no point.

Also, I kind of disbelieve the legitimacy of the results the past few weeks. They get heavy criticism because women and minorities get chopped first. Then suddenly women and minorities make a solid showing? Very coincidental.
There's always been something to disbelieve about this show. It's nothing but a fixed piece of shit. For me, everything about Phillip just reeks. He's been more terrible than he's been good, always looking like an unmade bed everytime he comes out on stage, AND his demeanor was always less than enthusiastic, as if he didn't really want it. Joshua had so much talent and style and was clearly a class act from beginning to end. Time for American Idol to be flushed DEEP down the toilet like the doo-doo that it is.

SOD: Will Finally Comes Out to Sami and Lucas
May 10 2012, 03:25 PM
Hope this is good.

I think Will's coming out story has sucked so far.
I think you and I may be the only 2 people to think this storyline has been pure suckage so far. How can it not be? Aside from it being told poorly in a general sense, the story has endured several lapses in continuity just like right now for instance. Will is hanging around with Gabi and Sonny has been missing now for how long? Is it 5 or 6 weeks? I honestly can't believe that anyone is still interested in this story.

American Idol: Season 11
Phillip and all of his lameness needs to go! The group performance of "California Dreamin'" was awful mostly because of him. He CAN'T sing and I am so offended to know that he's still there because of teen girls' fantasies. It would also be nice if this show remembered that the title of "American Idol" applies to more than just white dudes who can play guitars. Phillip winning this would make no sense to me for a variety of reasons.

American Idol: Season 11
May 4 2012, 03:35 PM
I think Joshua could win. They've really been praising him to the high heavens!
I really think the judges should not have been praising him so much. It's been overkill! I do think I know why they really seem to like Joshua though. Joshua has a good voice but he needs to learn the art of nuance; the screaming isn't needed in every song he sings. I think the judges are drawn to him by more than just his voice. Joshua has wonderful stage presence and great showmanship as well and those things are as important in this competition as a good voice is.

American Idol: Season 11
The Joshua/Phillip duet was overshadowed by Joshua. Phillip was awful in the duet as well as his own individual performances.

American Idol: Season 11
The problem I see with both Skylar and Phillip is that they represent what this show has already had RECENTLY: The country crooner and the WGWG (I hate this acronym by the way :rolleyes: ). Skylar picks up where Scotty left off and Phillip is a mixture of the past 4 winners combined. I'm assuming the votes dictate the results but just in case the producers have SOME ability to step in, I cannot believe that they wouldn't want someone a bit different this time. Jessica or Joshua fit the bill for that I think.