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Friday, September 28th Daily Discussion
Adrienne will be eating crow soon enough. I'm still waiting for signs that Gabi is pregnant because if that isn't the reason Sonny's heart gets broken, I don't know what else they could have in mind. I just thought that Gabi might've been showing signs by now. Lucas's reaction is realistic, but quite unexpected, to me at least. I always thought Lucas would be one of Will's biggest supporters, but instead he's coming off as Will's biggest and only detractor.

Tuesday, September 25th Daily Discussion
I have to say that I am quite mystified as to how Chad is the big old bad villain in all of this. Sure, maybe he should calm down a bit and curb his anger, but he's rightfully angry because he trusted a girl who betrayed him and hurt the girl that he loved. Chad was deeply worried about Gabi because he thought she was being stalked by some nutjob, and he was concerned about her and wanted to protect her, but it was all a damn lie. It's crazy that Gabi is suddenly seen as being Chad's victim. Same with Nick. Chad may have been over-the-top beating the hell out of Nick, but I understand why he did it. Gabi and Nick hurt Melanie, and as John Black would say, thats a fact, and that is what Chad sees.

Tuesday, September 25th Daily Discussion
I've already made a personal conclusion that Gabi/Nick have no romantic chemistry at all. No doubt, they're just going to try and force them just like "him" and "him." :whistle:

TV Guide: Will and Sonny Lock Lips (Video)
Sep 20 2012, 09:51 AM
While I admit the kiss was sweet and well done, I just can't get into them as a pairing. For me the problem is more FS than CM. It's bad enough that 90% of the time FS has such a boring screen presence and deliver his lines in such a lackluster manner, but to add to that, the show dresses Sonny in the most unflattering way. The wardrobe always make him look as if he's trying to hide a baby bump.
I can't get into them as a pairing either because it still just seems too forced. I've absolutely adored many gay relationships on TV, but this one is arguably one that I just can't get into. I'm not down with just "any old gay story." The players have to seriously click for me, and these two, adorable as they both are as individuals, do not.

Wednesday, September 19th Daily Discussion
Chad's losing it. Funny how it seems like he's now going to be the paranoid stalker, when Nick played that role years ago. Chad thinks he's paranoid now? Just wait until Melanie leaves him.

Tuesday, September 18th Daily Discussion
Sep 17 2012, 02:29 PM
Thanks for the recap!

Love the Justin and Adrienna drama. I actually feel bad for Will. I know he's made lots of mistakes but I believe he truly loves Sonny and wants to be with him. Not like many others on soaps haven't made worse mistakes. And Sonny didn't come out till later in high school do not sure what Adrienne is talking about. ONG she called Will a jackass! No wonder Will cancelled with what he heard.

Sounds like some great Will and Sami scenes . Will happy Ond second and deflated the next..,

Awww Sonnhball excited slap . Glad he told Chad he's seeing Will now.
"Glad he told Chad he's seeing Will now"

And I'm not at all sure why he felt the need to do that. Sonny's gay, Will's gay (I assume) and Chad is not a homophobe, plus he's got his own thing going on as a straight man. So I'm lost on why Sonny would even think that Chad would be bothered by it or even care. Perhaps he's just not bothered by it NOW, but he will be once his little twit leaves him for greener pastures, leaving him ALLLLLLLL ALONE. :badmood:

Will and Sonny admit their attraction
Sep 6 2012, 10:44 PM
See, this is how you actually create a rooting couple. They had some misunderstandings as they started to recognize their feelings. Now they are open with how they feel, but are going to take it slow. And they are likely to face some disapproval from their parents. It's a slow build with angst. Nice.
I've seen the phrase "taking it slow" ever since last year. Why am I still seeing it? :shrug:

New Publicity Pics: GV, BB, Nick & Gabi
Sep 7 2012, 03:19 AM
Love the photos. GV is gorgeous as always. If this is an indication of Nick and Gabi getting together, I like it. This is probably a minority view, but they look really good together. I hope a Nick-Gabi pairing makes Chad's head explode.
If Chad's head does explode, it certainly won't be from jealousy. How could it be? Keep in mind, Nick and Gabi are two people who hurt his girl Melanie pretty terribly. He's going to want nothing to do with either one of them and will probably be on a constant campaign of revenge against them both. I think Sonny will be busy helping his pal/business partner deal with his loss (of Melanie) and his anger, while Will will be constantly trying to discourage (possibly pregnant) Gabi from entering into a relationship with his psycho cousin Nick.

Will and Sonny admit their attraction
Sep 6 2012, 05:14 PM
Sep 6 2012, 04:03 PM
Sep 6 2012, 03:17 PM
GO Adrienne! Thank goodness she sees the truth. Wish Sonny would see the light about that loser Will.

Now I need some JUSTIN! he better have a role on this story too. I need myJustin back on screen!
Not sure if I am supposed to put this here but Justin is involved the following week. I read the NE and he is the opposite of Adrienne and Justin fully supports Sonny's decision to be with Will. So hopefully we get to some fighting with everybody over WilSon dating.

I'm glad to hear Justin will be involved. Too bad he and his son have poor taste in men though. oh well... I am interested in seeing how Justin and Adrienne deal with their difference. The only thing I care about now. I just look forward to more family drama between Justin/Adrienne/Sonny.
Justin has poor taste in men too? I wonder if Adrienne knows that? :mutley:

Nick makes a move
"Insta-romance" equals "insta-fail." Now I know nothing is really meant to be with Nick/Gabi. Sounds like a "plot point romance" or a catalyst for something else.

Will and Sonny admit their attraction
The calm before the storm! :wine:

New Publicity Pics: GV, BB, Nick & Gabi
Sep 6 2012, 04:38 PM
Sep 6 2012, 04:09 PM
I'm annoyed they're pairing one of the most talented actors on the show with one of the worst actresses. Oh well - if it fails maybe she'll leave.
I think the ultimate bright side is that if he leaves again, she's likely to go with him. 'Cause this crew of writers- they don't know the meaning of the word "fail" when it comes to pairing people off. Once they commit, they're totally in it (see also: Dan/Jennifer).

Which is cool. I mean, you can't invest in promotional photoshoots TWICE...
And I cannot help but feel that sooner rather than later TPTB will find that they have no real use for Nick. It's almost like weird foreshadowing already, that Maggie is making promises to Daniel that she'll see to it that Nick stays sane and on the right path. There's obviously no real way she can promise that.

New Publicity Pics: GV, BB, Nick & Gabi
Sep 6 2012, 04:03 PM
GV looks :sex4: - able. Hot DAYUM! I can't wait until he mixes it up with AZ!!!

Looks like Gabi and Nick are a go. Please let there be some chemisty! :pray:
Nick and Gabi chemistry? Why? So that she's able to stay far away from Will and he can concentrate more freely on Sonny? That won't happen! In fact, I think Nick is an integral piece of the puzzle having far more to do with just he and Gabi dating.

Freddie Smith on Sonny's Situation - Sony interview
Sep 4 2012, 11:32 AM
Too bad the baby will ruin the GAY story.
GOOD! :yahoo: Just NO, NO, NO, to the year-long forced contrivance that is Will and Sonny. :poof: