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ATWT: Cyndi Lauper visits Oakdale
YA YA YA YA YAAAA! Cindi's a darling.

She may be a sweet and considerate lady, but she has zero talent for bringing dimension, humour or any charisma to this piece of shit. Cancel it and let us preserve the good days. I pine for Roger, Holly, Annie, realDinah and our 'mommy' Maureen...

THIS IS what I want




Wheeler has proven she is INCAPABLE of the depth and sense of artistry that a drama serial requires to keep it consistent and EFFECTIVE.

SOW: Backstage Turmoil at GL
The changes at GL were a huge con job on viewers, they weren't about innovation - just cost cutting. Hence every eppy looks like a fucking youtuber uploaded some snooze inducing crap event in his/her town (shoddy hand held camera work and all)...

Y&R: Hilarious promo on batshit Leanna Love (80s)
:drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

:sweet: :sweet:

Y&R: Sabrina's mom comes to Genoa City
Given Hughes' youthful aura, this makes the Sabrina/Victor pairing even more :puke: :puke:
Did EB stipulate lots of makeout scenes with the poor actress who plays Sabrina?

I could buy a Hughes/Braeden pairing .. jsut about.

AMC Gets a New Consultant from Coronation Street
here are 2 of that show's legendary characters in an eppy from the 60s, fighting in the street. Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner, basically the Phoebe Tyler and Erica Kane of Corrie. haha. Extreme comparisons Ena and Elsie are a world away from the refined...

AMC Gets a New Consultant from Coronation Street
Daran Little is known for his passionate love for the Coronation Street 'northern woman' - a woman who is passionate, strong and savvy and fiercely loyal to her working class roots and where she comes from.

The AMC of Nixon is very similar to Corrie in having it be THE WOMAN'S SHOW, strong females in a community with a lot of humour, especially as they fight the good fight.

He can be found on myspace, so if he adds you, be sure to tell him about the AMC you know and love, which is also famous for its strong female characters.

AMC's Myrtle always struck me as a classic Corrie character!

Beverlee McKinsey Has Passed Away
The genius of Beverlee McKinsey! That voice is gone. Possibly, the most talented & captivating artist in the history of american drama.


"So THAT's why you sent me all the way to Switzerland, to a BOARDING SCHOOL when my mother died -"
"Oh, Bring that up-!"

"YES, I WILL! And I'll BURN all the jewelry that you showered on me, whilst you
behaved like a FOOL with all kinds of women!"

It disgusts me that soap writers are getting paid these days when they are not even writing ANYTHING that can compare to the standards set by Harding Lemay and Douglas Marland, inspired by the calibre of McKinsey, Douglass Watson and the like. This is a great loss.