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Y&R: January Discussion
The bartender in the background is hot!

Y&R: January Discussion
skipped over 1/2 the show today. I tire of luca and Marissa!

B&B: January Discussion
ugh, I can tell by reading the post I haven't missed anything after not watching for a month!
I pretty much figured they were going to put or try Wyatt with Steffy! barf! I don't like her with Liam either. They need more of a macho type man for Steffy. I did like her and Oliver together.

I stop watching because of Ivy and mudah Ally. Got sick of Rick and Maya . Hated it when they removed Stephanie's portrait!

Y&R: January Discussion
So Victoria knows that daddy dearest kidnapped Jack and had Nikki forge his signature on signing over Chelseas h20 or whatever it is?