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Jinxed Soul
Mar 14 2008, 11:51 AM
Mar 14 2008, 10:50 AM
Jinxed Soul
Mar 14 2008, 06:15 AM
Okay I just have to say this ...

Belle and Shawn have been living at the pub, have struggled with finances, he's still hardly out of the police academy, and she's still in nursing school. They are putting all that aside to go travel around the world? With what money? Claire doesn't look that young anymore, so does she not have to go to school? This story just upsets me primarily because I love the couple, but more so because it lacks sooo much realism!

Belle comes money. Gurl is a trust fund baby. Thats why i never bought them as a poor strugling family.

unless john lost his co and all his money.

She said she didn't want to use their money. When they told her they would help her with school, she refused their financial assistance.

Well, even if she refused it, perhaps she is using it now. Or maybe they had some money saved up. I mean, Shawn was working at the Pub so maybe the money from there was used to pay for their part of the rent. Hell, I've wondered for years how Bo and Hope did half the shit they did with police salaries (and most of the time Bo was the only one working). Hope comes from money like Belle and she doesn't really use it either. It's just a TV show and when it comes to jobs and money, it never makes sense in most cases and that goes for both primetime and daytime shows. It's part of the entertainment factor. I don't expect realism in that regard because it would limit many things.
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