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What if.......

- Vince and Val grew up in an orphanage because their parents were killed in a horrible accident. They were teased as kids for being freaks...maybe they were incestuous. Or everyone thought they were?

- They learned their parents were killed by the Cranes/Alistair the racist bastard and vowed revenge.

- They learned the Cranes actually dumped them at the Orphanage after they killed their parents...along with another boy at the orphanage.....Evian's son.

- They decided to go to Harmony to mess with all of the Crane's lives! Val tried to break up Chad Crane's life with Whitney first, but it didn't work so Vince stepped in, and it worked.

- Val decided to scheme and ruin Julian's life. They raped Fancy like ten times in a week. They killed Alistair?

- They used the info they uncovered at their orphanage - that Evian's son ended up there - to keep the Cranes in the palms of their hands.

- They pit Sher Sher and Fancy against each other.

- They ruin Ethan's life on a daily basis.

- They frame Pretty next week.

- When exposed and all is said and done, it's revealed Spike is the Evian child.

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