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YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nick decides to move into his and Sharon's old house with Logan. Nick tells Logan he still loves Sharon and wants her back. Phyllis tells Nick that Sharon and Brad slept together and she used it against them in order to get Brad to vote for Clear Springs. Nick is furious over Brad and Sharon's lovemaking. Kevin crashes his car in an attempt to get Jana to see him. Kevin asks Gloria to get him a gun. As Kevin leaves the hospital, he sends Jana a message saying he has money they can use to run away together. When William bumps Maggie's leg, she and Gloria see the note simultaneously. Maggie picks up the note and is stunned to see the word "murderer." At a strip club, undercover officers arrest underage patrons including Daniel. Unaware of his arrest, Lily tells Daniel that she wants him to move home. Victor concludes Nick's plane crash couldn't have been an accident. Nikki, Victor and David surmise that the intended targets may have been Jack and Sharon, who were scheduled to be on the plane.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin confronts Jana.

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