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Jun 27 2007, 09:17 PM
I didn't even wonder why the Cranes wouldn't put it together, King. I guess I don't expect much from Sheridan- or any of them.

A false reveal at this juncture would be a bad move and piss me off more than words can express. I know it's a Passions staple, but...for fuck's sake, writers. NO FALSE REVEAL. None of this "oh it's Pretty...for like a month" bullshit. It's not the same as a twist. It's not entertainment, imho. It's just crap.

Much of the problem with the show is that nothing has ever been real- Chad's not the Evian child, Julian and Theresa were never married, he was never murdered, Liz was Eve's sister, then half-sister, then adopted half-sister or something, Theresa tells all to Ethan but OH NO he doesn't hear or it's a fantasy or whatever. I hope that they don't do that again some more when most of us only have a few months left to endure/enjoy.

And to me, all those things are part of the stupid, cooky charm -- and appeal -- of the show. :lol:
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