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Lucci to bid Aideu Pine Valley

In a shocking move, All My Children is gearing up to say goodbye to one of the last remaining cast members and arguably their best known name and face, Erica Kane and Susan Lucci. An AMC spokesperson, says that after years of being unhappy with her character's storylines, Lucci asked to be released from her contract.

Erica Kane has been a staple of the life and times in Pine Valley and on All My Children since it's inception in 1970. The last two years however, have mared Erica's life, with the resserection of the fetus she aborted in 1973. He marriage and divorce from long time love Jackson Montogery. The departure of her beloved daughter Bianca. And a whole lot more family drama that hasn't been kind to the queen of the Daytime scene.

The same source went on to say that Erica will not die, but will exit the Valley by making a decision that many feel has been long over due. "Look for one of Ms. Kane's former lovers to make a cameo as he answers the door when she shows up on his doorstep", teases the source. " It'll leave the fans speechless. It'll be controversial, and it'll piss off a lot of fans", the source concluded with a smile, " Just the way that Erica Kane likes it. "

When approached for offiical comment, a show rep declined to comment, stating that they don't comment on contracts.

Stay tuned suds fans, as next week we'll tell you shocking indentity of the ex-lover Erica runs to....
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