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I want to believe that it's going to be Carrie. Christie Clark is willing to return at the drop of a dime. She's said that several times. She loves DAYS, and she was very understand when she was fired last October. DAYS is her home. She grew up on that show. With Anna back, and in story with Roman, it would be interesting to see Carrie take in what is going on with her parents. She hasn't really seen them together. Marlena's been the only woman that she's ever seen in Roman's life, so it would be interesting to see what Carrie thinks of her parents hooking up. And it will be nice to see Leann Hunley and Christie finally get a scene together, which has never ever happened.

With the DiMera storyline going on, Greta and/or Colin Murphy are two possibilities as well. Whatever happend to Colin? He showed up on Melaswen, and then pretty much disappeared after Nicole helped him escape his prison. Did they say he was killed in the volcano/tsunami? I can't remember. And Greta, she was pretty boring towards the end of Julianne Morris' run with the show, but she was placed with Jack and Jennifer. What more could you expect from her? :lol: I loved Greta when she was in the thick of things with the DiMeras/John/Hope. And since John is not her father, Stefano has to be the father. I'd like to see another DiMera return home to Daddy's waiting arms.

The chances of Nicole coming back are pretty slim to none. Why would she ever come back? What would be the point? The same thing goes for Kristen. She's not needed anymore. The writers were able to tell the story of EJ without her. They've moved on and are now focusing on the history of the DiMeras. They're not even using Lexie, who is a DiMera by blood. What the hell could they use Kristen for? She's not even a real DiMera. IMO, it would be a waste of money.
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