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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jun 30 2007, 08:42 AM
Finally, EJ and a bed in the same sentence and tied to it, no less. Oh the things that come to mind. Oh well, no girl in sight but I will be there just the same.


LOL Cindy.

Maybe the spoiler means that Tony makes Sami tie him up to the bed. And EJ is shirtless on the bed when he is being tied up. At least that is what I am choosing to imagine at this point. :)

I am so excited about the Ireland stuff. This looks like a really good week overall I just wish we didn't have to suffer through next week's crap to get there. Yay for Bo and Hope going on an adventure and us finally getting to see the Santo and Colleen stuff. I admit I am a little nervous to see how that all turns out because I want it to be romantic and beautiful, but at the same time I think even if the accents/costumes/dialogue/mustache are bad that will mean they are REALLY bad and thus still really entertaining.
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