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From her Official website

As PASSIONS ends its' run on NBC, the tech staff are breaking down sets and moving out shrubbery. There is something sad seeing all these great rooms and scenes being dismantled, permanently. It has a ghost town feeling even though they are shooting for several more weeks.

On the other hand, it will be fun seeing how the show will develop once it moves to DirecTV. I hope "Norma" is on board for the transition.

I've especially enjoyed this turn as "Norma" because I am having scenes will many more of the shows characters. Instead of passing actors in the halls and on stage, I'm actually in scenes with them.

I've absolutely loved doing so many scenes with "Endora" the 4 y/o Nicole who has been on the set since she was 4 months old. She is truly an angel and talks a blue streak.

Because she grew up on the set, literally, she completely understands that she can't talk or move when we are rolling tape. They have little signals and sounds that the assistant director makes to get her to move or have a reaction. We have a delightful time together.

Nicole has been confused however, about me/Norma. She has asked me if I was a boy or a girl, why I wear boy pants, and shoes, etc. I've told her that when I pretend to be Norma, I am being a girl who likes to wear boy clothes. That seems to satisfy her.

To make it crystal clear, one day I saw her before I got dressed as Norma. This way she saw me in "girl clothes" with my toenails polished and earrings on. I told her this in me, Marianne, as I really am, before I pretend to be Norma. All the light bulbs went on in her head.

This whole incident reconfirms my belief that sexuality is genetic.
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