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Michael Bruno said over and over again that Lesli Kay deserved that Emmy, but had no chance against Genie Francis. This was Genie's year and nothing was going to stop her from getting it, according to him.

The top one seems like CBS to me. On GH they seem to be supportive of JFP/Guza and who has something to complain about? Tony Geary has a fat paycheck and vacation, Sonny/Jason, etc. are getting tons of screentime. I just don't see the problem. If it's someone like Jackie Zeman, you know Frons couldn't care less.

At Y&R there have been several controversial exits and I'd be shocked if it weren't Y&R. Eileen Davidson ran to B&B and Victoria Rowell has been begging to join her. Of course Sony squashed that idea.

Then you have Jess Walton who 100% was leaving last year, but was convinced by Latham to stay re-sign. She did and her storyline has been a disaster. She hasn't appeared in about six weeks despite fans enjoying her romance.

Even bigger than all the other exits is Ed Scott, Melody Thomas Scott's husband. She almost left the show the last time he was fired and has stated that she was upset with her lack of story. Yes she has one now, but the husband firing might swing her.

Everyone from Bill Bell has been fired. The writers, the casting director, the music people, the producers, the cast, etc. They won't admit it, but I'm sure they are worried there.

The only big problem is that Barbara Bloom has been positive about Latham and now she's writing for the show. I have no clue what is going on!

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