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Mar 28 2008, 12:13 AM
So what was your favorite version of BIG BROTHER USA?

Big Brother 1 (George, Eddie, Karen, Brittany, Jamie, Josh ect)
Big Brother 2 (Boogie, Will, Shannon, Bunky, Nicole, Hardy ect)
Big Brother 3 (Danielle, Amy, Marcellas, Lisa, Roddy, Chiwhora ect)
Big Brother 4 (Jun, Erika, Jee, Alison, Nathan, Michelle ect)
Big Brother 5 (Natalie, Drew, Diane, Jase, Holly, Adria, Karen ect)
Big Brother 6 (Janelle, Howie, Kaysar, Maggie, Ivette, Eric ect)
Big Brother 7 (Danielle, Janelle, Will, Kaysar, Boogie, George ect)
Big Brother 8 (Dick, Danielle, Eric, Jen, Amber, Nick ect)
Big Brother 9 (Sheila, Natalie, Matt, Alison, Chelsia, Joshua ect)

My rank in order from BEST to WORST -

#1) Big Brother 6
#2) Big Brother 7
#3) Big Brother 3
#4) Big Brother 2
#5) Big Brother 8
#6) Big Brother 5
#7) Big Brother 9
#8) Big Brother 4
#9) Big Brother 1

Oh, man... this is really hard to say. That's like asking someone to pick their favorite child! LoL

BB4 and BB5 are definitely out. BB1 was lame, too. BB6 was fantastic, but my life was very busy that summer and I didn't have enough time to follow it closely. I loved BB8, but I loathed the outcome. BB7 was great from a different aspect of seeing all the people from different seasons together, but from a gameplay aspect, it could've been better, IMO. BB2 was awesomel from start to finish, as was BB3 (I miss cheese-lovin' Amy!).

As for BB9, it's definitely the craziest season thus far, as far as the houseguests and twists, etc. go and unexpected insanity (I mean, Amanda's seizure was insane!), but I feel like it's been a little TOO crazy up to this point. I've become desensitized to it or something, because the players are all so crazy and volatile and extreme. I've gone back and forth between loving it and hating it many times. I'm enjoying it at the moment, though. :)
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