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1. Big Brother 3: By far the greatest cast. It had some truly amazing players who didn't have to insult people personally to get ahead.

2. Big Brother 6: It was really the first season where the entire house was divided. Loved all the drama. The only reason this isn't my favorite season is because of the horrible Final 2.

3. Big Brother 2: Very underrated season. Nicole & Will were great for drama. Even Monica had her moments.

4. Big Brother 7: Probably the best All Star season out of the big CBS 3 reality shows. Hated the winner though.

5. Big Brother 4: Another underrated season. The ex twist was really good. Loved watching bitter enemys Jun & Ali team up.

6. Big Brother 8: I really enjoyed the first half of this season. I did lose interest in the 2nd half with the Dick/Daniele pimping by the editing.

7. Big Brother 9: Great entertaining wise but I truly don't like anyone except for Sharon and Amanda.

8. Big Brother 5: I find this season overrated. I hardly liked anyone. Diane was a bitch and Drew/Michael were beyond boring. When Nakomis left I didn't care.

9. Big Brother 1: Total failure.
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