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My order is honestly almost the same as yours, Mitch.

#1) Big Brother 6 - It completed rejuvenated the series and gave it new life. Even the people I HATED made great TV, and, in the end, they did a great job with casting this season. FANTASTIC!
#2) Big Brother 7 - All Stars, baby! Janelle, Danielle, Nakomis, Kaysar. Oy. LOVE.
#3) Big Brother 3 - The POV, Danielle, Marcellas, Amy...Love.
#4) Big Brother 2 - This season gets more and more blah to me every year, but still good.
#5) Big Brother 5 - It really sucked the last half.
#6) Big Brother 8 - too much rigging. America's player sucked.
#7) Big Brother 9 - meh.
#8) Big Brother 4 - meh.
#9) Big Brother 1 - meh.

It has gotten to the point where people on the show now are just impersonating Janelle and Dick because they think they're amazing and the best.

They need to find people who have never seen the show before.
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