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Jul 2 2007, 12:36 AM
ABC Revives Classic CBS Soap, with changes

ABC has announced plans to perform a first in daytime, something that has never been done before. The Alphabet net plans to ressurect the classic sudser "Love of Life", which was last seen on our screens in February 1980. The announcement is strange for several reasons. The defunct drama revolving around, for the most part, two sisters (one good and one bad, of course) aired on rival network CBS for its entire twenty-nine years on the air, thus creating question as to why ABC would be interested in bringing it back. Moving along, it also creates question why any network, during this dire time in the genre, would spend the money to bring back a series that has been gone for nearly three decades.

For the answers, we talked to President of ABC Daytime, Mr. Brian Scott Frons. Frons participated in an informative interview with us at an upscale New York restaurant to shed some light on this exciting development:

Q: So...Love of Life. Why that soap? Why now? Why any soap at all?
Frons: Why not Love of Life? It was a television institution for 35 years, not to mention the fact that it made such a successful transition over from radio. We felt the need to bring this back to TV. Irna Phillips created a masterpiece with the show, so we felt we owed it to Irna to revive one of her shows.

Q: Sounds good. But what does this mean for your current soaps? "The Big 3" have pretty much held ABC Daytime together for a few years short of 40 years now. Will we have to sacrifice any of them?
Frons: Of course not. We're just going to cut One Life to a half-hour and put it on right before AMC. They're sister shows, so it'll work. We've deemed the AMC-followed-by-OLTL block to be a disaster anyway.

Q: Surrrrrrre. So, what are we going to be seeing on this new Love of Life? Will it be a remake, or a return to the series?
Frons: We thought about the idea of doing a return to it, to pick things up, but...well, with the actress playing the leading character - whose name I'm forgetting right now - well, she's dead. So we couldn't do that. So we decided to do a total remake. The story of two sisters, one good, one bad! One blonde, one brunette! One hot like a supermodel, the other one hot like the sexy, naughty librarian.

Q: Interesting! Tell us more.
Frons: My pleasure. You see, we wanted to update this series and bring it into 2007. We researched all of its history and I assure you, I know everything about this show, inside and out. So we started by changing things up a bit with the two sisters. To begin with, we decided to set the show in college. The two sisters are collegians. Vanessa, the bad one, is going to be the party girl of the two. She's gonna be the one doing the body shots off the coffee table and flashing the neighbors and such. Meg, the good girl, is gonna be so taken aback by her sister's actions. But we'll soon learn the truth behind that.

Q: Hint! Hint!
Frons: Well, I'll give you a tiny morsel to work on. It's the smallest possible hint I'm allowed to give you, so get your thinking cap working! The truth is, Meg has a big old lesbian crush on her sexy sister and she's so jealous of all of the men that Vanessa sleeps with! So she's going to try to pose a boy to get into Vanessa's panties! Which, I should add, Vanessa rarely wears those.

Q: Yikes! That's quite a lot for such a small hint!
Frons: Oh, but there's more. It's going to be a really touching storyline. We plan to be socially conscious with this show, so expect us to tackle hard-hitting those types of hard-hitting issues. Our viewers have gotten used to the ABC Daytime brand that I've created and they like it. They want more of it. So I'm merely bringing home the bacon!

Q: Of course. Now, leave us with a closing word. Give us three words to describe what this Love of Life is going to be all about.
Frons: No problem. S. E. X! It sells, and nobody can bring it like ABC Daytime!

After the interview, Mr. Frons ordered an 8-piece bucket and a mashed potato bowl and assured me that he was going to do "Love of Life" right.

AllMyShadows, you had me until Frons talked about Vanessa doing body shots off the coffee table! :lol:

I've always been interested in what Love of Life was about -- based on reading a couple of SOD recaps from the mid 1970s. In a weird way, I wouldn't mind if they revived it with two new Vannessas and Megs... but kept it deliberately Old School. It seemed to have a slightly Peyton Place feel about it.
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