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Jun 26 2007, 06:07 PM
Here's some fun blind items for everyone.  You WON'T FIND THESE ANYWHERE ELSE!!!  :D

Which veteran actor has told their boss, “You can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!” and is also buddy, buddy with that person’s boss? Should the network not renew this top-level executive’s contract in the Summer, it won’t solely be due to this actor’s long list of complaints alone. Other big names have their own experiences to complain about.

Which Daytime Emmy nominee was said to be furious about their own manager publicly stating that their competitor's win was most deserved?  The nominee has been leaving the manager angry, berating messages about the faux pas.

Which recently married East Coast actor is said to be severely depressed?  Apparently, spending a lifetime living a lie is proving to be far more difficult than he imagined.  Friends say it's obvious he's depressed and it's obvious why, mentioning his appearance has been more unkempt than usual and go so far as to blame his recent weight gain on the depression.

Speaking of weight, apparently not only was that a major issue in the decision to fire a west coast actress, but also why she was not allowed to attend the Emmys.  Though said actress is secure in the way she looks, apparently her producer is not.

Finally, which two East Coast Actors STILL hate each other?  Believe what you hear folks- there is no love lost between those two.  Pity for their fans.

Oooh you have blind items? Yay! Love ya! :D

I hate how they fired Adrianne Leon, and if it really was primarily because of her weight (I think she looks great, personally) that is sooo WRONG! :angry:
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