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Don't mess with Night-time Hope!

Mar 6 2008, 11:40 PM
Oh good god. Okay. Here's an exercise in censorship. This isn't even all that funny, but I know the posters here will appreciate this whole thing. I was BANNED from the nbc.com message boards for posting the following in the Passions forum:

"What was Sheridan wearing today? With her black striped top, short black skirt, black stockings and black go-go boots, she looked like a British streetwalker, circa 1969."

That's the comment that got me banned. I previously got a "warning" for stating something to the effect that "Lindsay Hartley may be joining her hubby soon on the unemployment line."

Both comments aren't especially hilarious, but they weren't intended to be actually mean to the actors, or whatever horrific "Terms of Use" violation I'm guilty of. I'm not looking for sympathy--I'm just saying that the simplest comments are taboo in certain corners of the internet. I guess the Constitution doesn't apply to nbc.com.

But don't pity me--as far as I'm concerned, it is a badge of honor to be booted out of a place for such a totally frivolous comment. I know they have a rule on there that says you cannot mock the actors. I wasn't. I was mocking Sheridan's clothes, not Mackenzie's integrity! Notice the kinds of threads in that forum. They're pointless. It's all "Team Theresa," "Team Lancy," etc. There's even a "Team Jesus" thread in there. They're all so glib; meaningless. really. That's probably because they end up censoring all the interesting posters (like me,  :lol:  snicker!).

I believe that that kind of overzealous moderation is a sickness that is taking over the internet. I know I'm a newbie here, but if the mods here ever think I'm out of line, just tell me like a human being and don't cite rules that are too general in the first place. (Rest assured; I believe the guidelines in this particular forum are not offensive to we lovers of Freedom of Speech).

Well, you're going to GET sympathy. Does NBC.com know these assholes who run their message boards are fangurls who need to get a FUCKING LIFE? They SUCK ASS. I'm sick of hearing these horror stories. Thank GOD for places like DR. God, believe me, I don't miss NBC.com one bit. They're just losers. In fact, is there a way to e-mail the exact person who banned you? (I forget, do they have their own addresses, like Fangurlbitch1, Fanboybitch5, etc?) or more appropriate (NBCfangurlbitch1, NBCfangurlbitch5, etc...) If so, I'd e-mail the EXACT one, CURSE THE SHIT out of them (I know, it's undignified, but they SO deserve a rude awakening and assholes like that don't change anyway so you might as well do SOMETHING cathartic) and tell them exactly how lame they are.
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