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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Soaps' sexiest men

You Sexy Thing!

With so many hot guys on daytime, it was hard to choose, but Digest did all the heavy lifting and exhausting work to come up with our annual list of soaps' sexiest men. And you don't want to miss their secret 'porn star names. (Combine your first pet's name with the street you grew up on.)

Joshua Morrow - porn star name: "Spunky Mountain View"

Galen Gering - porn star name: "Grunter Canyon'

Kamar de los Reyes - porn name: "Duchess Ginger Tree"

Daniel Cosgrove - porn name: "Musket Bliss"

Billy Miller - porn name: "Buster Bishop"

Jay Kenneth Johnson - porn name: "Peachy McCann"

Kyle Lowder - porn name: "Kaiser Stanford"

Agim Kaba - porn name: "The 94th Street Ranger"

Sebastian Roche' - "Minou de la Naire"

Respectfully submitted by Jonatha, aka, "Pepe Lincoln" :lol:
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