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The Royal Stoner

Jul 2 2007, 10:53 AM
By the way, King... remember this Press Release from SON way back in the day?

Reilly No Longer 'King';
SON Sets on Co-Creator's Tenure on Fledgling Soap

July 8, 2005 (SoapOperaNetwork.com) After dramatically quitting the Daytime soap he co-created, King Reilly has shed light on the reasons behind his departure, sensationally referring to one of his co-Head Writers, FanSoap, as a "fucking slavedriver."

King Reilly shot to fame along with FanSoap and third co-creator, Chad, when they launched their Daytime soap opera 'As the SON Sets' to much critical acclaim and steadily growing viewership. Although ratings have yet to approach those of well-established soap behomeths like 'The Young & The Restless' and 'As The World Turns,' the consensus is that ATSS is already a definite cult hit.

Interestingly, executives at CBS's 'As the World Turns' have recinded plans to sue ATSS over its similar-sounding show title. Head of CBS Daytime, Barbara Bloom, had threatened to take the creators of ATSS to court over copyright issues in conjunction with the shared use of the words "As" and "The".

At this time, it is not known what King Reilly's plans are, although there are rumors he will be taking over the reins at 'Guiding Light.' Reilly has once or twice mused on what he would do if ever given the chance to "re-mould" Daytime's longest-lasting sudster: "I would kill off that Edmund prick and focus the show on Cassie & Jeffrey, five days a week. I believe the fans are crying out for much more O'Neill."

Meanwhile, over at 'As the SON Sets,' any uncertainty among cast, crew and writing teams alike have been laid to rest with the announcement that Robert Guza, Jr. - multiple Emmy-winning co-Head Writer of 'General Hospital' - will join the writing team. It is as yet unknown whether Mr. Guza will become co-writer alongside FanSoap and Chad or whether his arrival constitutes a takeover of full Head Writing duties. It is believed he has also asked for a Consulting Producer credit at the show.

Already some of the cast of ATSS have expressed outright pleasure at Robert Guza's ascension to the Head Writer's chair. "I am positively thrilled!" gushed Hartless, who plays amnesiac Desperate Housewife Hartless Chadson on the show. "Bobby Guza has a wonderful track record of writing poignant and beautiful stories for women. I look forward to scenes where I can parade around in lingerie, simulate oral sex on the show's star, General Mobspital, shield my face from smashing barware and get constantly shot at. Hopefully, a stray bullet in my character's 'sex brain' will restore her memories!"

Guza, 35, (and yes, that IS his natural hair) is quoted as saying: "I am going to restore this show's Heart & Soul! And right now, that heart is General Mobspital. All he needs is a gun in his hand, a polyester track suit and a flash of those dimples, and our audience will understand what I mean." Guza also indicated that Ridge - last seen on screen pulling the plug on Hartless Chadson's life support system - would be the perfect hitman "hero - with a SOUL."

Tear. I miss Chad and Hartless. :(
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