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New Twist in DAY’S Most Controversial Tale

Sami and EJ’s story will take a different turn when portrayers Alison Sweeney and James Scott assume dual roles to play out the love story of Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera.

This week, the letters are finally translated and will be read by various Salemites while Scott and Sweeney bring them to life on-screen. “It’s really romantic story.” declares Sweeney. “I personally think that the idea of these tragic, star-crossed lovers is wonderful and very classic soap. It’s weird to go into this story where you know Colleen’s going to find the love of her life and then it’s going to end tragically and cause this feud.”

While Santo and Colleen will be falling in love, Sami and EJ will not. Nevertheless, this story provides an opportunity for the actors to work together romantically in less controversial tale, “Naturally, we don’t expect anyone to forget about the rape, not do we expect anyone to take EJ’s rape of Sami lightly,” notes Co-Executive Producer Stephen Wyman. “However, we know life goes on. People can change. At some point, the issue of the rape is going to have to be dealt with in the fundamental way, but meanwhile, there is the audience that wants to see EJ and Sami together. [But] they aren’t forgetting about the rape, either.”

At this point, Sami is unaware that EJ is a dead ringer for Santo, as she is Colleen. “I’m not thinking of her as Sami and him As EJ: I have to play it as a different story.” Explains Sweeney. “She doesn’t see it as any sort of reflection on her relationship with EJ at all.”

The dual roles required that the actors work intensively with a dialect coach; Sweeney to handle an Irish brogue, Scott to learn an Italian accent. “My first reaction was utter, complete fear.” confesses the actress. “It’s all well and good to do a second role, but to have to do an Irish accent and play a character from the ‘50’s? The only thing that preoccupied me from the moment they told me is ‘I don’t want to look like a fool on television and I don’t know how I’m going to have the time, but I have to learn how to do this accent.’ It really scared me but now I’m starting to feel more confident with it.”

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