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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 5 2007, 12:37 PM
I think they are sending a mix message with the whole Rape thing. JMO.

They are absolutely sending a mixed message with the rape thing. Mainly because they're idiots and the rape was a stupid mistake in the plot meant to kill enthuiasm for EJami and prop Lumi not as a means to create real drama and deal with real subject matter in heartwrenching dramatic fashion.

Now that they realize the mess they made they want to have it both ways. If Wyman wants to decide it's RAPE now then he needs to tell the NBC.com web editors to change their House of DiMera character page to say it's rape there too instead of saying Sami OBLIGED to EJ's request. It would also be nice if we got some flashbacks to that scene that show EJ actually putting a gun to Sami's head if they are going to have Sami and the rest of Salem slandering him saying he did that when all us viewers saw was Sami finally agreeing to let EJ sleep with her and unzipping her top while EJ had no gun in his hand and didn't make a single threat of harm to Sami if she didn't agree to his indecent proposal, but instead made it clear it was her choice even if he was emotionally blackmailing her into making the decision he wanted her to make.

I am so sick of being jerked around by this show on this storyline. I wish they would give us a real conversation between EJ and Sami that isn't interrupted by Lucas or anyone else and gives us more of the thought process that went into what EJ did and how he reacted after the rape rather than just I needed stem cells and I grew up a prince and was selfish and spoiled. Like him saying he really did think Sami wanted him because every woman wants him and he thought the only reason Sami turned him down was because of what she thought about his family but not what she thought about him. And he tormented her all those months because he wanted her to tell her family the truth of what he did because he was ashamed and didn't know how to cope with what he did. Just something more than what we got in Maison Blanche and that isn't so one-sided about just Sami crying about what a bastard EJ is but maybe also her listening to how things she did in their relationship could have led him to act the way he did to her besides the fact of him just being a ruthless DiMera. If that is what dealing with the rape in a fundamental way means then great. That could give us some good drama. If they could throw in Roman and Bo feeling one second of guilt about the way they thought nothing of pimping Sami out as bait to set their trap for EJ because they suck so bad at solving crimes then I would applaud them.

But I certainly hope the show isn't going to fall over itself trying to pretend like they are being socially responsible now when they decide to have Sami act like a rape victim SIX MONTHS after the fact when they didn't show her as one up to that point at all. To me it seems like the only reason they are showing her as one now is to set up an obstacle to the romantic pairing of EJami and give Sami a reason to stay faithful to her husband when they are showing him acting like a total jerk while EJ is being shown as a good guy.
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