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Sharongate, bitches!

I got them from this site: http://www.soaps.com/youngandrestless/spoilers

I don't know how accurate they are, but whatever.

What's coming soon!

To Kay's displeasure, Ji Min & Jill talk about marriage!

Brooke Logan from B&B tells Cane everything about Amber's past!

Brooke Logan visits Genoa City in search of Amber!

Cane's uncle comes to Genoa City with a story of his own and his eye on Jill.

Watch out, Amber, Cane's going to get the last laugh and find out you married him for his money!

After Daniel's arrest comes to light, Lily has finally had it and wants a divorce.

Phyllis informs Nick about Sharon & Brad's affair.

Although upset, Nick still can't shake his feelings for Sharon!

In confusion, Noah runs away, which forces Nick to make a decision regarding Phyllis.

It is said during Nick's memory loss, and through the pain of trying to accept that Sharon & he are no longer married, he will fall for Logan!

Through the pain of rejection, Phyllis will turn to Jack for comfort.

New evidence will prove someone wanted Jack on the Newman jet and had planned to kill him!

Their lives filled with tension, Nikki & Victor take a closer look at their relationship.

After Summer takes ill, Nick and Noah prove NOT to be a match to aid in her illness! Fans can look for this storyline to come to head this summer!

Down the line, old feelings die hard and Nick & Sharon will reunite!

The truth will come out that Jack is her father!

The charges against Phyllis will be dropped!

Colleen finds out that Vikki slept with JT - again!

Adrian's identity is revealed and the residents of Genoa City are shocked to find out who he really is.

Adrian's new publishing project will turn out to be more than just a book!

Adrian wants to marry Colleen, leaving them both to make a decision - A no from Colleen could very well cause Adrian to leave town!

Jana is connected to Plum's death!

The truth surrounding Plum's death unfolds leaving Kevin, Amber & Daniel worried about being implicated!

When Jana sees Colleen with Kevin, she becomes suspicious of their 'meeting' and pulls a gun on them!

To further his plan, and show Jana some 'good faith,' Kevin locks Colleen in a closet!

Although Jana still aims a gun at Kevin, he plays on her emotions, is able to chloroform her then holds Jana at gunpoint!

Karen fills Dru's shoes by taking over her job at Newman.

Victor points the finger at Brad and blames him for the death of Vikki's baby!

William dies (on July 18th) and Gloria is left with another dead husband on her hands.

Evan comes back to GC with a vengeance - watch out Gloria!

Michael finds Katherine's ring, but does he know the story behind it?

A secret reemerges, which could destroy Michael & Lauren's marriage forever.

Paul's daughter Heather reemerges and Paul & Maggie will have their hands full?
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