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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Looking at an old photograph of Colleen, a tormented Grandpa Shawn decides to go to Ireland and face the past. He writes a note for Caroline and takes off into the night. Bo and Hope head to Ireland to get Grandpa Shawn and bring him home. Grandpa Shawn visits his hometown church in Galway to deal with ghosts from his past. He recalls scenes from his youth including seeing the chemistry between Colleen and Santo and meeting Stefano as a young boy. Grandpa Shawn reveals he played a part in the death of a loved one. Stephanie and Jeremy urge Danielle and Jett to get married in Vegas. Once they are alone, Jett and Danielle discuss how she is only pretending to be his fiancee she has a husband.

SNEAK PEEK: E.J. is a hero.


A big "WTF?!" to the Danielle/Jett spoiler. What the hell?
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