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Steve Frame
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Jul 4 2007, 02:13 PM
I think that would be a GREAT conclusion.

Hogan knows how to write for most characters VERY well, but he doesn't know how to write for Stefano. Why is Tony, er "Tony," acting more like Stefano than Stefano? Because Steffy is dying? That's stupid. He should be more evil now than ever! If he knows he is dying, he should be pedal to the floor evil! I'd love to see Steffy kill Shawn Sr.!!


I believe it is just Hogan's style which is not seen just in his writing but the way he talks too.

Hogan sees older people as weak and as having no strength. So he writes them that way.

Here in the town where we live we have a 77 year old man who is still a cop and he outdoes all the younger cops on physicals every year and just went to get recertified at the Police Academy and did better than many of them there. He still plays on a men's softball team and is still first string.

I know that not all 77 years old are that strong, but the majority of 70 year old and older men and women are not ready for the nursing home either.
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