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Apr 23 2008, 10:29 PM
Apr 23 2008, 11:19 PM
Apr 23 2008, 02:01 PM
I want B&C back, damn it!

Amen, why they were fired so abruptly I will never understand.

Because they had their own agenda and wouldn't let Corday interfere.

About sums it up.

Dumbest decision ever. They weren't perfect but they sure did get "it." They "got" the show. They "got" soaps.

This was one of their finest episodes except the alien arrival shit and Shelle falling and being klutzes (boy, did Belle's constant head injuries get old :lol:). That says alot because B&C's tenure had many amazing episodes. This episode had family moments, tension, drama, cliffhangers...everything. Loved the Victor/Nicole stuff (Ari's hair looked amazing in this episode and during this time period IMO), loved Sami/Tony (agree with Drew 100%. They were a bit creepy but I liked them and wanted to see them marry or her move in. The feud approach being taken then was ok and I would've liked the Sami/Tony aspect with everyone reacting but I was not happy with Stefano not being involved but that was all Corday). Loved the chilling music theme in the beginning of the episode too. Had a possession-like creepiness about it. The episode before this was good too. Nice cliffhangers and set up, along with more family moments. I think this was the last good Wilmbledon cliffhanger/episode (the whole week of 3 episodes was good really). Since then, they have been lackluster, almost like Days expects no one to watch them and just waits until after tennis.

Just loved their tenure and this episode. If any former writers should return to the helm, it's these two because they can handle the newer and older characters and keep things modern while also appealing to old Days traditions like supercouples, etc.
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