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Viewing Single Post From: Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 7/16
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Jul 6 2007, 10:39 PM
Jul 6 2007, 10:35 PM
Wait.  So, like, they all know immediately that it's Andre?  And we don't have to wait through seventeen months of bullshit and secrets?

Holy fuck, that is so awesome.  It makes the storyline for me.

Sony's weekly preview makes it sound like Anna realize it's Andre when she kisses him :)


I really really really love all of these spoilers. So happy for the John-Marlena fans that they are finally doing something. If only so they can stop being so pissy on the DOOL boards all the time. LOL.

Ain't that the truth :lol:

The J&M fans can be vicious.

Anna learning it's Andre with a kiss reminds me alot of the last time Tony/Andre tangled with Anna. It's a good nod to history as Anna has always been smart enough to piece it all together.
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